Famous Rock Bands Turn Into Lego Men

December 24 [Fri], 2010, 15:44

Recently, vedio game"Lego Rock Band" comes out closely.This kind of the novel video game will completely alter the image of some notable rock bands.they will be plastic into Lego doll's unique appearance.wedding dresses , Most Pleasant Attachments for Fairy

After the exposure of the famous punk singer Iggy Pop's Lego version,the[ Rolling Stone "magazine also disclosed that the brit-pop rock band Blur and renowned musicians David Bowie will be [plastic" into a similar mini-bulk doll. The Trendiest for Sale, Find the One for You!

Considering the song which will represent David Bowie in the game is his song Let's Dance.the game producers specially depicted the shape of the Lego version based on his figure when he singing the song in the real word performance."Lego Rock Band" will come out in this November.

The "Rolling Stone" lists a list of songs will appear in the game,It includes the Song 2 from Blur and The Passenger from Lggy Pop, and of course also A-Punk from Vampire Weekend, Crash from The Primitives and I Want You Back from and The Jackson 5."Rolling Stone" magazine has published on its website the video of the Lego version of "Blur" playing "Song 2".