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March 11 [Mon], 2013, 12:46
The pain, I am understanding Dewey, but I can not do that Dewey strong, from a club point of view, I think this is also very humane. Pull away, and also said Keita,

some people say that if Keita in the field, the Dalian team will not be like this, I agree with his role last year, for all to see Billig MBT Sko Norge , can be said to be a changed team.

But on second thoughts, this is not a good thing, in recent years, the Dalian team are guilty of this wrong, that star addiction from that year to rely Yanggeweiqi to

the later Ahn Jung Hwan's dependence missing their team missing soul. This is not good, for a player injuries, the state and its red and yellow cards suspended many

factors are unpredictable, over-reliance on a certain person is unlikely, Albin now that the best players together, you should learn to "Keita led the case, the

Guangzhou Hengda coach Lee Jang Aerbin between the scandal is not groundless, understand Korean coach has shown initiative to Aerbin, good.
Lee Jang-soo landed in China for the first time in 1998, coached the team in Chongqing. His players irregularities demonstrate strong personality, "Tieshuai said

that the Chinese Football Association finally start on fake gambling black alleged offenders punished, and punished in accordance with the subject in the court's

sentencing surface, China The Football Association is really understanding, and actually is lazy Shuahua. Since the court sentenced the basis also of the Disciplinary

Committee of the Association for? Chinese Football Association last week was very grand scale seriousness of last year, has long been the court verdict had several

people involved announced the "double open" decision, presumably f Billig MBT Sko Salg Norge unny, the public security are caught, the court also sentenced in any unit must be "double open" This


Common sense, not the news, more than the results of the work of the Football Association fanfare, not to mention also dragged on for so long it.
Chinese Football Association's "delaying" song really sing in the cavity in tune, not to mention the Shide super qualified thing dragged on for more than three

months before made the decision not entirely clear, but on a "full generation will" actually dragged on for a decade did not open, a decade is a concept? If every four

years, should be fast-third in this decade, for the head of any? Yan Zhuxi after leaving office, first thank the Chair, after Southern Chairman and President Wei Zhang

President has just been replaced by another, in theory MBT Blood Sko , any one of the Chairman of the Association are out by a member of Congress election, the Football Association

decade did not open enough behalf of the Council, the Chairman is how to generate it? Football Association should be registered in the Civil Affairs Bureau of

legitimate groups, but did not go through this legal groups representatives elected President, should be illegal President? So knowledgeable about the law's Football

Association said earlier, is not established.
In football, there is a common sense, we mentioned earlier, the President, in fact, is the executive vice chairman of the Football Association, is Chairman also

someone else, ten years ago, is engaged in volleyball Yuan Weimin, later said to be engaged in athletics in Cui Dalin, Then some people engage in table tennis Cai

Zhenhua. But then again, enough generation will not open, and I really do not know exactly who the Football Federation president? Engage in football, there are a few

people know about it?