black friday 

May 13 [Fri], 2005, 20:36

Rainrain go away~ 

May 09 [Mon], 2005, 23:09
激到嘔電!! 完全未試過可以用1hr15min先返到屋企!! 去機場都唔使羅! 顛嫁?! 全日落狗屎 導致98樹倒LUM;!!! MY的士錢就和味喇! 160 羅?!! WTF!! KLN TONG!!! 成龍真好帶挈! (不過...細老D frd 係喇沙去又記既TAXI 重好玩... 完本 20有找, 今天75 HOHOHO~)
最重要係,坐到seafood 爛...

但唔知顛解天文台話到有龍捲風都唔理.. 唔發警告不特至,連紅雨都無個..D雨落狗屎甘大都係YELLOW???? 想玩野呀? 顛得得嫁!!



May 01 [Sun], 2005, 23:50
Fuck this crazy Chinese project. wasted time? yea sure it is. As my teacher requires much MORE than just a feeling part... Well, this an excuse, since we got tons of time to do it, but me this time is definitely PK jai, on dog dog ng do.. wait till last day to sufferrrr!! It wasted me two days!! fuck is two days!! to type the chinese from the PK NJ star!! [typed bau NJ star is what i put in MSN nn! haha] so it is ofcoz damn annoying my life. I didnt go out and stay home be a self-close person one day today!! and from results, i got sick again!! non-stop and ng sleep much chau gum lah.. ate cough medicine x 1234567, panadol 12345, water x1000.. damn it. This time really had a LESSON from it !!!

the BOOK... pen droppping down the notes, panadol, water and candy....

as well, during the time to dinner, i fucking dont know why fat joh deen.. scold all people. I knew i shouldn't do it.. but maybe M delay or do the report do dol chee joh sin, went crazy.. and made my mom quite upset as i said one thing: if he is going, i won't go out the door anymore.. and then dad bot me out to dinner.. i cried non-stop in the car, he told me a lesson.. "as a family member, ng yat ding yau yuen, mo yuen 20 year old ko chi ko find another home, if im understandable, i should be good, and let he be what he want. We can't force a person to be the one we want, we will just let him be, since this is what he chose, later then, he can't blame any one except himself. "
I will try to be the one that understand and the main reason is I don't want to trouble my dad and ma again.. hope i can control my temper ...

Last Day 

April 30 [Sat], 2005, 20:26

haha. as Papa said: eat BANANA lah! XDD

from now on, back to olden days. YO papa early drive!!
and very happy, as Papa delay one day sin go to China. X)
so there won't be so much changes gei! hee


April 29 [Fri], 2005, 23:59
its been a week again.
well, this weekend i should use [leaving] this word to describe.
Things will change quite a bit on next Monday. I guess I should really start adapting this new life, it is not really such a big thing, just return to the past.
Ah ping is leaving us. He has been with us for 2 years lu.. but sadly, he chose to leave, I will wish him the best future. And ya, so that, I got no car car lu... >< I hope it won't really mess up my life lah... I guess.. Ah ping actually is a good guy. But that too much BS. Although I have been used to it already these years, ai ya, dim dou wui ng want him leave, coz he makes my life goes easier law, at least in the morning to school. {汗} Byebye lah Ah ping~

Second, I left my piano teacher, she chose to quite full time piano.. since she found a real "job".. so I found another male teacher. Hope i will get along with him from next lesson. My teacher Christina is really nice, always talks so funny... but sadly, she as well chose to leave la. I like her! She taught me and gave me support to get started Canon in D. She gave me the mobile #, i will keep contact with her!! Byebye lah Ms. Ho~

After piano lesson today, I've been staying in PAK C for a while to BS hahaha!! Yoki very funny, helped me to search all these kinds of songs and played by Jason (Cello Man) So good his sight reading!! Anyways. I like that place haha~
Afterward, went to mom's office and waited for her to leave. During that mo liu time, my friend elaine called, and we chatted for about an hour and half. I like her sooo much! hahaha! we had this mo liu but fun talk everytime {花火}

hmm~ also, today actually been a nice day gei. Bye bye April. May.. my CE frds add oil!! Time been passing soo quickly that school year gonna end soo soon.>
Actually, not really in a good mood.. leaving is a sad feeling.


April 24 [Sun], 2005, 23:22
First of all, I've been giving up Art. I do not know what I didn't take the bright side, but ya, that's what I feel comfortable with rite now. So I will just stay at where I left.
Realized that my mood been turned back happier. So i decided to type my diary again to keep on track everything.
This week, nuthing really special did happened. Just normal school days.
And ya, Friday, piano lesson, finally got Canon in D down successfully. And now I will be continuing play hard on the exam pieces and scales. As well, I found a song that I really enjoy to listen--Gymnopedie #1.
Saturaday went out with Lauren, just shopping around, didn't really want to buy any new stuff yet. And we went to LH Club House to play a while. Backed to Young Age gum. LOL
after dinner, I joined back family and back home.

Today.. finally Sick joh.. stay home sleep eat sleep eat sleep eat.. no mood. ho tired and headache. can't speak.. damn


April 17 [Sun], 2005, 18:51

入手: T7 :)
and nice trading -- alphard to M3! *3*

im happier becoz i have my family with me.
hope not tmr...

Sorry. really got no mood to type this diary, i guess i will leave this alone for a week.


April 16 [Sat], 2005, 23:47

會試試看的. 皆因本就不喜歡抱怨, 因怎樣都有原因, 應想解決方法喇從現在...
但!! 看見了某人的自大日記, 我真的想暈倒.. 無錯ma? 最高? 我沒話可講了.. 自問我的畫功沒有的差嘛? HELP!! 我要聽聽他的講法law!!

就因心情差到極點, 今日沒法子起床... 等到3:30 的來臨.. 才起..
很久沒有心痛過.. 在洗澡時 心痛得很至Q...
後食回食物 胃跟心都沒再刺痛..
這次的打"極" 令我真的很沮喪..

但因心情爛爛的, 所以走了買漫畫會家看.. 但又是因為NANA, 令我的心情反而更糟... 真的好多伏筆, 唔知矢澤愛會點寫落去.. 伏下了NANA 的"死".. 好想知道, 但知道後必定羅住本漫畫喊... 快到結局ah!!

真的沒有mood.. 不再寫太多了
我想我繼很久從前的 這次我只有買物慾才可救到我

PS 看了 GAME of Stock 的 results.. 更加憎恨friday15/4/05...


April 16 [Sat], 2005, 2:18
極無mood. 完全係好多野想"sun" 但奈何心情真的好差好差. 我唔識講... 想死甘既 feel.
這會持續多久 完全唔知. 極大打"激"

補: 睇完創世紀 更加無mood.
賤人 everywhere.


Day Two 

April 13 [Wed], 2005, 23:33
今日得到了三科既 results. 好好好. expected X)
好努力的練Canon in D (reli want to get it done!!)

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