happy go lucky 

2004年08月05日(木) 13時53分
I love to work at festival walk more than causeway bay (EP). So, I’m very happy that I can come to festival walk for work again. It let me have a chance to part with Janice who always makes me laugh all the day.

However, I heard a bad news from Janice today. She said JR who is the Ben & Jerry’s director of HK. And he will go here with Michael too…. I’m very worry about it!
After work, I buy a pack of Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz to mum. (The first salary present!) Really cool… Janice helps me to pack it and packed very high and full. hahaa… when I back home, ask mum to have try immediately. She said its very nice… hahaa.. Want to try??

Got salary 

2004年08月04日(水) 3時50分
Today go to festival walk to working again. I do happy of it because I can save more money for my traveling and back home quickly than in causeway bay.

I think it’s not good to work today, I always fall the things on the floor with my careless. When we finished our work, we ate ice- cream together. (Its paid by my supervise.)

I’ve got my first time salary. Very nice!

Process the Photos 

2004年08月03日(火) 3時43分
The famous building of Taiwan 101

I process the photos all the day.

There’re so many photos in my driver, its still not a good way to keep them here for a long time. So I decided that to process them immediately, and bring some beautiful to pint out.

But bow, I still process the Taiwan photos…help!

nth special 

2004年08月02日(月) 3時40分
Nothing special was happened today. Just have dinner with dad..

When we’re eating, he asked me where did I go before during the holiday.. (Oh~ he discovered!) Yep~ I didn’t told him before I go. Because I’m afraid that he will disturb me. In addition, I’m not using his money to traveling this time. (Paid by myself indeed!) Are there any problems where I’m going?

If not grand mum told him, he wont know actually...

Anyway, it was pass. And dad didn’t scold me at all, he just said” I just want to know what you’re doing! If you do the things before, just let me know!” its like a Japanese film which I watched before. The father said that too… it’s so touching!

Loves & Dreams 

2004年08月01日(日) 18時25分
Today, sister succeed her dreams finally,

Actually, from the beginning to now, really have many difficulties there. No matter how difficult things we have, they’re passing tense..

We woke up at 8am, then prepare to the airport and have breakfast there. Actually, we haven’t enough time to have our last breakfast at last~ when we arrived the airport, sister went to the check-in counter to manage the belongings. Unluckily, her belongings were over-weight! (It’s about 10Klios) O… bad~ she need to took out many stuff.(Very troubled!)

Nearly the depart time; mum was reluctant to part wit sister, she Cried! We hug each other to Cried for mins... I wish her will have a wonderful time there.

When we’re returned home, mum feel headache, I know she is really reluctant her daughter who were living with her more than twenty years..

To: sister
Wish GOD bless you two, and everything are going smoothly there

New Version 

2004年08月01日(日) 16時38分
Okay, today I open a new diary blog again... this is for Thomas and somebody who don’t know Chinese.

Actually, everybody can come there to see too. In here, I will just type in English. I think it may a better way foryou and me. because its a good way to improve my English writing skills!

Lets enjoy reading!
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