Straight 9 method (A lesson to a parson) 

2005年10月11日(火) 16時54分
9 of straight 9 method are writing brush,paper,inkstone,water,sumi,hand,heart,eyes,environment.
A meaning that life of straight 9 method modernizes an old thing.

China is written in the 「翰林禁経(kanrinkinkei)」which a calligraphar of the time of 唐(tou) wrote.

1.A straightwriting brush
[A writing brush will always keep aclean state.]

2.Unsized paper
[Please keep it in the place that is not wind and sunlight. I prevent a surface pain of paper and am hard to become blur.]

3.A straight inkstone
[I wash an inkstone well,and please dry it after you have finished writing a work.When a sumi is stuck to an inkstone ,it is wasted even if you use a good inkstone.]

[As for a Water grinding a sumi,fresh Water is preferable.]

5.A straight sumi
[Only a minute to spend frinds a sumi.The thing that I grind a sumi,and time passed does not have shine,and adhesive power comes out.The most faverable sumi is a sumi for around 1 hour since I lose it.]

6.A straight hand
[I choose your manual well-conditioned day,and please write it.]

7.A god in human shape
[God of this case is God of mind.A work good naturally is born when I write it after making your mind state a state good as possible.]

8.Straight eyes
[A good work is not created even if I write it when eyes are tired.]

[As for the day writing a work,weather and the day when the humidity is good are preferable.]

I was taught at the age of a child by a teacher, too. Because it is difficult, I can enter a corner of a head, and is it good that I carry all out?

Nice to meet you 

2005年10月11日(火) 16時49分
I write the history and basics knowledge of calligraphy to have you enjoy the calligraphy that is apt to become firm. Thank you.
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