i wanna escape!

June 02 [Wed], 2010, 23:41
working = no life.. i cant wait to escape ar!! :X

bali in july! taiwan in august! malaysia in dec!

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1st year "anniversary"

May 23 [Sun], 2010, 23:36

as of this week, it had been one year since i started working (time flies... or in fact, they zoomed past us in the speed of light)... well, i'm really grateful that God has flavored and blessed me with good colleagues, good working envt, good children and families as well as lot's of opportunities/projects for me to grow professionally..

though i have worked for a year only, i've experienced so much (both positive and negative), such as engaging in an action research project with another colleague, planning events for colleagues, families and children, helping our centre winning the CHERISH award by HPB, learning to do office work/SOP, attending conferences/exhibitions to learn about the latest and most current early childhood trends, having a classroom of my own (a.k.a. my "guinea pig".. it's a joy to be able to experiment so many things with the children and try out all sort of ways to display and decorate children's work in the classroom).... and many more... i think since He knew everything about me, He knew i cant stand doing the same thing over and over again, thus giving me more roles and responsibilities so i wont feel that work is dull and routined..

there's so many things that happened within this year that were definitely not coincidences, coz at the end of the day when i reflected, i realized how everything fits so perfectly into God's plan of preparing me to be a better early childhood educator (and this started like 7-8 years ago, from the moment i took diploma in ech).. all for His greater plans in the future.. so no matter how exhausted or discouraged i was at times, i felt that educating young children is still sth which i enjoyed and loved.. and will continue to do so till God revealed His next plan for me..

so well~ i do not know what holds for me in the next one year.. but i'm sure God will be there with me.. so i wont be afraid of any new challenges that will definitely come... i felt like though i'm a teacher, influencing ppl around me.. but God is actually the main teacher and influencer.. :D

He has been really good to me... thank you, my dear Father and Friend!! :)

just cant avoid it... :X

April 22 [Thu], 2010, 22:39
as of today, had a total of 3 confirmed cases of kids with HFMD in my class.. haix.. first case started on monday.. then one more on tue.. and now the third one today.. i really hope there's no more new cases le!! *pray*

the "good" thing of having HFMD is that we have lesser.. much much lesser children attending school this week :D well~ kiasee parents.. hmm.. i wldnt let my child attend school if there's an outbreak of HFMD there as well bahz.. but it's really good to have ard 10 children everyday (a true bliss.. luxury.. i'm treasuring every single minute i have now).. it's such a huge difference having 10 and 30+ children in your class.. even if the 10 are shouting, the noise wldnt be as noisy as just 30 of them talking.. hee.. it's a comparison to show how much difference there will be - the noise level + the attention we can give for each and every single child + the number of times you have to discipline a child.. seriously, it's really very ideal having lesser kids.. but if that's not the case.. i think we just have to make the best of what we have and can to cope bahz.. :X

but HFMD is a bad thing! i'm washing so so so many toys everyday.. and cleaning up even the nook and cranny of the classroom.. i'm doing so much cleaning that my hands shine now.. i dont know why they shine.. i suppose it's the detergent or dettol that cause it.. hmm.. now my entire classroom smells of dettol also.. i really hope that will kill all the unhealthy germs! :X NO MORE HFMD please!!

i also learned alot through this experience.. i learned how to report HFMD cases to higher authorities (it's really troublesome.. you have to report to at least 3 authorities for every single cases, and have to have the supporting documents ready)... i've learned how to call parents everyday for chit-chat sessions (basically just to check whether their child is having HFMD since they arent in school) plus dealing with angry parents.. hmm.. sometimes i really hope parents will understand us more.. we of course wldnt want this HFMD outbreak as well.. and we're also also risking our lives to work in a HFMD-infected place (adults will get HFMD too).. hmm.. if only they can understand us too.. :D

it's also good to be in a multi-cultural country, coz i learned from the indian teachers that we can use frankincense to kill germs (which is scientifically proven, so it didnt just appear in the bible as gifts for baby Jesus, but it has some good uses as well~ :D).. now we're smoking our classroom with frankincense everyday.. oh yah.. now my classroom actually smells like dettol and frankincense.. haha..

argh! just hope this HFMD outbreak will stop!!

mayday world tour [2010 unlimited edition]

April 19 [Mon], 2010, 0:19
yea! mayday concert was a blast!

was raining really heavily on sat afternoon.. but thank God! the rain stopped before the concert! dap and me were at the national stadium quite early.. and we finally managed to buy the mayday's bear shirt.. we wanted to buy last year at their concert but it was sold out.. so this year we came early just so we cld buy it :D hee.. but apparently there's even more people who were earlier than us.. hmm.. we're all kiasu singaporeans indeed.. haha.. while we're eating our pizza at the stadium.. it really reminded me of how i used to eat KFC with my classmates before the NDP show when i'm pri 5.. haha.. somehow i just feel happy to be able to step into this huge stadium again.. maybe coz i have only been here once for NDP and it's rare to be able to go back again for a concert..

ok well~ we're finally seated at ard 7plus.. dap and me were sitting facing the stage, but at the back row of the grandstand which they set up.. so when we turned to our back and looked down.. we're about 2-3 storeys above the ground.. scary if we were to fall.. :S but sth funny happened instead.. while waiting for the concert to start, dap and me were taking photos, and we placed some of our stuff at the foldable chairs.. suddenly the bags just fell and ended up on the ground below.. it was so sudden.. at that split second, both of us tried to reach out to grab the bag but was too late.. intially we screamed and shouted... but ended up laughing uncontrollably.. it was just so sudden and funny in a way.. hee.. as a result, so many ppl turned around to look at us.. dap had to run really fast to get back the bags, in case other ppl took it away.. haha..
thankfully there wasnt any fragile items in the bags.. and no one was walking past at that time..

ok finally the concert started.. as usual.. mayday started by displaying a self-produced movie on a huge curtain covering the stage, introducing the members and the theme of this concert.. when the huge curtain came down, there was fireworks too.. and mayday started playing a sequential of their popular fast songs.. we were so high~ can feel the grandstand shaking as fans jumped to the beat of mayday's songs.. then they started with many other of their popular and latest songs.. but as this is their first time having a concert outdoor, they were perspiring ALOT.. so for just the first hour, they looked like they just came out from a swim.. they were happy and touched to be able to hold an outdoor concert (esp since it's always been their desires to hold it at the national stadium) but really regretting it as well.. haha.. for us it's not too bad as we're not under the spotlights and there's occassional winds.. hee..

the best part for this year concert was the 2-3mins long fireworks.. was super cool and awesome!! at the highest point of the concert the fireworks appeared in the beautiful night sky.. and so many of us just cant stop cheering and screaming "WOW!WOW!".. so cool!!

and of course with the end of the fireworks, the concert came to an end as well.. hmm.. was sad coz their concert was only about 3+hrs long.. dap mentioned that mayday have pampered their fans too much le.. ever since last year 4-5hrs concert, we're requesting for more and more time... true~~ but well~ hope to see them again next time~

i really like the feeling of having a concert outdoor.. with the natural wind blowing against your face.. the big space all around you... night sky above you with some stars.. the feeling is just so awesome :D hopefully their concert will still be held outdoor next time.. hee..

made a very simple short video of the concert.. featuring 2 songs + the fireworks at the end.. did this using the video editing software that philip got for me.. well.. love the software.. cant wait to create more videos with it.. was sharing with friends that i'm really starting to love editing videos more and more.. kept having lot's of ideas of making a video in my head.. cant wait to put them into practice! :D

mayday! mayday!

April 17 [Sat], 2010, 10:26
just 9 more hours to mayday's concert!! YEAH!!!!!!

and this time their concert is held at the National Stadium.. the HUGE stadium! (gov said they wanna tear down the building like some years back.. until now still there leh.. hee.. but thankfully they didnt tear it down la.. if not mayday wont be able to hold their concert here..) last year during concert, mayday mentioned abt conquering the biggest stadium in SG - the national stadium.. and this year they did it! hee.. I remember the last time i was there.. I was just a pri. 5 student, going with my schoolmates to watch the NDP.. this time going back to see mayday's concert.. there's gonna be fireworks and lot's of exciting stunts too.. feels like i'm going back to watch NDP afterall.. and oh yah.. when we're in the national stadium, we must must do the signature kallang wave.. haha.. some fans are already coordinating the kallang wave.. so cool... cant wait cant wait ar!! :D

coincidently, this term for my dramatic corner, i have to set up a music and sound corner too.. so instead of just displaying the musical instruments for the kids to play, i set up the music and sound corner with a "stage/performance" theme.. hee..

with the disco ball, spotlights, and muscial instruments (jr, see your keyboard there.. hee..... yep.. it's with me now~~ :P hopefully the kids wont spoil it), the kids can pretend to be mayday as they play the musical instruments... hahahaha... as i was setting up this corner, i was really anticipating mayday's concert.. haha..

yeah! just 9 more hours to go!! hopefully it wont rain this evening~ yeah yeah!!


April 13 [Tue], 2010, 23:56

it's museums time again with the usual gang.. hee.. had lot's of fun exploring around and chatting and doing stuff initially, wanted to visit the museums with them for awhile and then rush home to finish up my work.. but well~ cant help it when i'm with them.. just wanna slack and chill and not go home to face "reality".. haha.. so we ended up not only going to museums.. but buffet dinner at some Indo restaurant (which wasnt worth it in the end coz we only took one round of food and became too distracted in talking bout some issues.. hee..) as well as singing K till around 2am.. haha.. 3 (actually 2) of us gotta go work the next day but just didnt really bother bout the time while we're tgt.. hmm.. it's fun singing K with them.. hee.. i get to hog onto the mic.. but no choice coz gl die die also dont wanna hold the mic.. she rather sing out loud then hold the mic.. hmm.. next time i'll force you to take the mic le.. haha..

oh yah.. dap even said she miss taiwan's KTV (namely Party World) and wanted to go back again when we're in taiwan.. I was so happy to hear that coz I really love the service, environment, variety of songs as well as sound systems of Taiwan's KTV.. and of course I wanna go back and sing again.. then dap added, "coz i wanna eat their dumplings".. hahaha.. ppl go KTV to sing.. she go to eat dumplings.. but i do agree la.. the food there is really very very fantastic.. :D yea~ so means we're going Party World in Taiwan again lo~~ :D

went 3D2N cruise to Malacca and KL with min, uncle john and olivier.. hmmmmmm..... it's a long story of how it's ended up as this group of ppl going but well~ had not a bad time at the cruise with lot's of dramas.. surprisingly there's so much to do onboard the cruise.. quite a number of free entertainments, such as sports, performances, movies, games etc.. we also got to play at the casino (of coz we all play really small) as well as the bingo game.. none of us win anything at the end of the trip.. hee..

actually i felt that it shldnt be called a cruise.. it shld be called a pig-rearing farm or sth like that.. coz there's 6 meals provided everyday.. yea.. SIX meals EVERYDAY! and wah.. we're like eating NON-STOP.. :X and with ppl like uncle john who kept asking, "what time is it already? is it time to go for our meal?" or "what time is the next meal" (when he just stepped out of the restaurant) or "hurry up, time to go for our next meal" blab blab.. wah.. we wanna skip meals also cant coz uncle john will eventually make sure we have EVERY meal i'm so afraid of eating at the end of the trip le.. even skipped 3 meals when i'm back but still dont feel hungry at all.. :S

we also went KL city for a short tour.. didnt buy alot of things coz not much time to shop around (was caught in a really terrible traffic jam on the way, thus, causing us to have lesser time to shop) and there's nth much that interests me la :D but the best of all is we get to eat at A&W.. i miss the root-beer float and waffles so much! hee.. was surprised that they sell burgers too.. coz my only memory of A&W was root-beer float and waffles.. hee.. yummy! i miss A&W already...

on the whole, not bad experiences on the cruise.. thank God i didnt get sea-sick (was feeling giddy initially when i just boarded the cruise.. was worried that my giddyness will get worst when the cruise heads for the open seas.. but prayer really works, coz instantly after uncle john prayed for our well-being, i felt well and began "jumping and playing ard the place le" as quoted by uncle john ~_~").. and also thank God we're didnt have any encounters of storms or icebergs or whatever that could cause us to sink

iphone is cool!

April 12 [Mon], 2010, 0:17
chanced upon this video on youtube.. this korean girl using iphone apps to play the song, irreplaceable by beyonce.. super super cool.. i was quite blur at what she's doing in the beginning but towards the end you'll be really wowed... so cool.. go watch! :D

she also recorded lady gaga's poker face with iphone also.. go search and see it also! hee..

i also want an iphone! waiting for version 4 to be released.. hopefully in June :D

happy times with friends

March 28 [Sun], 2010, 21:26
i think we played band hero at min's hse last month.. or last last month.. hee.. just decided to retrieve the photos from my cam recently.. it's really fun.. but i realized i'm really bad at guitar and drum~ haix it would be better if there's a chinese version one.. hee.. maybe coz i'm not familiar with the english songs so i cant play guitar and drum that well~ heehee.. (*excuses*)

and yea~ went to participate in the earth hour event ystd at esplanade with some of the usual gang.. well~ i think earth hour is just another excuse for us to meet up.. haha.. coz we werent really interested in the lights out and activities that much actually.. we just kept chatting about everything under the sun till really late.. but it's a really different and joyful experience.. to pack food from restaurants which we have never packed food from before.. and also to lay out our picnic mat, eat the food as well as just chill and relax while many people were walking by around us.. well, initially i felt "pai seh" doing so coz we're the only ones that's gonna lay out our picnic mat to have a picnic.. but thankfully we did that.. coz once we're sitted comfortably, we totally ignored the surroundings and just enjoyed our moments together.. then we realized that more and more people also started sitting on the grass like us.. hee.. yah la.. then i realized there's no need for me to feel "pai seh" at all.. grass areas are meant for having picnics too.. haha..

brought along all the taiwan travel guide books which we borrowed from the lib too.. wanted to discuss about the itinerary of our taiwan trip.. but in the end we talked about so many other things except the taiwan trip.. hmm.. time for another meeting to really discuss about our taiwan trip le yea! but the one good thing is we've decided (just very suddenly) to extend our stay in taiwan for 2 more days, even though we have to pay slightly extra to change the dates but we're so willing to do so.. hee.. so yea~~~~ we're going to taiwan for 10 days now, instead of just 8 days! more times to travel all around taiwan!! *oh yeah!*

and finally... our mission trip 2009 video is completed (gotta present it during church service on easter day).. i was actually doing it on thur night.. for 4hrs, all the way till 3am plus.. just when i was about to do the last last LAST finishing touch before i click the "save" button.... something just #*%)#!( happened and the whole entire video was GONE~~~~ i was so shocked at that time.. 4 $*)!#(% hours spent to do a 7mins video and it's gone in 1sec..... coz it's already 3am plus le and i still have work on friday.. so i didnt do again till sat... but thank God i managed to finish before youth.. so i can show them on time.. i love the video.. hee.. thank God for all the ideas to do the video.. it's rather nice.. haha.. i'm not praising myself as it's definitely because of God that i can do up such a lovely video.. He is my never-ending source of creative ideas and inspirations!


March 25 [Thu], 2010, 21:58
free on the 27th march? come join us!

out in june 2010!

22 more days!

cant wait cant wait ar!!!~~~~~~~~~

boston boston!

March 25 [Thu], 2010, 1:34
i miss boston!

recently i saw so many things that reminded me of boston... like when i was looking for travel guides in the library.. i saw boston travel guide.. including the version which we brought to boston 2 years ago.. wah~ immediately all the memories came back.. all the places we went.. all the food we ate.. all the things we bought....... etc.....

read from the news that Boston Celtics (their bball team) lose in NBA or sth like that.. haha.. i told you they were able to win the NBA champion in 2008 was because we're there... hahahaha.. we brought them the blessings... hahaha..

and then today at curriculum training, our trainer mentioned Red Sox (the baseball team in boston).. and then wah~~~~ reminded me of boston AGAIN!! who wld have expected your trainer to talk about Red Sox as well.....

then there's also many many other places which i saw the word or things that reminded me of boston again...

i miss boston! wanna go back so much!

recently one of the staff in wheelock college sent us a survey to ask about our interest in taking their Masters prog.. well.. there's this one question........

Q: If you were to take up the Masters prog, would you prefer to study in boston or singapore?

my answer: BOSTON OF COURSE!!

haha.. i wonder how many of my classmates will answer boston as well~ hopefully the majority.. so they will really arrange the Masters prog for us in Boston.. hee...

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