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June 15 [Fri], 2012, 15:16
2009 years, Saussurea high-profile launch of the natural clothing brand - Lin Sang, natural accessories brand - "Saussurea natural ornaments Square", and "Snow Lotus Cashmere" implementation of the three brand strategy. Tao said Lin Sang is snow lotus in the implementation of brand extension and brand diversification strategy an important step. This is evident from its name you can get a glimpse. The so-called lotus, Saussurea cheap nike free cashmere and shows the relevance of the so-called skirts, fashion meaning. As a modern city of white-collar workers, in their daily work and life, the clothing has more stringent requirements. Mature intellectual, independent, sociable they paid great attention to the quality of clothing and wearing comfort, attention to clothing brand, pay attention at different occasions when clothing style. Lin Sang of the product is mainly for those in the high-end crowd, gives a transcendent fusion of work and life in the citys "hidden in the big city" feeling.
Tao wish to tell everyone, snow lotus no longer the same as the original, but the production of good quality cashmere cheap nike free run sweater, its products can be so diverse, so rich in colors, it can live in such a dress good. "
Saussurea involved in textile accessories for the significance of the field, Chen Taos face it: the current development momentum of jewelry is very good. Saussurea to as a high-quality cashmere fiber-based knitwear brands natural production of winter series nike free australia accessories product has a natural advantage, lotus jewelry will be decorated with both consumer groups dress a bright spot. jewelry is small, the market space is very large. sell jewelry, you need to display few props, display space is not large, a hundred thousand dollars will be able to open a jewelry sales area, which agent, franchisee the threshold is not too high. belong to invest in small, fast income products, can provide a new cashmere Saussurea profit growth.
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