Faster through continuous development

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 16:21
September 19, jointly sponsored by Peking University, Tsinghua University and Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing New Material Development Center, the theme of "Discussion power lithium-ion battery safety and long life", "2011 (sixth) power lithiumion battery technology and industrial development of the international forum held in Beijing.

Authoritative experts and scholars from the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore and other domestic and foreign lithium-ion battery, listed companies, on the latest research and application of the results in their respective fields.

The experts and scholars believe that the performance of electric vehicles, the healthy and rapid development as the core component of the electric car battery power. Lithium ion batteries are ideal for today's internationally recognized chemical energy, compared with other batteries, lithium ion batteries with high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect and green highlight the advantages of small self-discharge rate, has become the electric vehicle battery choice. But its industrial application, the safety and life of lithium-ion battery is still the key to restricting the popularity of electric vehicles and large-scale applications.

Forum relying on the strong support of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, foreign exchanges and cooperation in the promotion of Beijing Li-ion technology, to support the capital development of new energy automotive industry has played a positive role, not only for domestic and foreign lithium-ion battery industry to establish a solid communication channel , but also to attract more domestic and foreign resources in the new energy industry construction in Beijing.

Faster through continuous development, Beijing has begun to take shape in the lithium industry, the initial formation of industrial clusters, and a variety of cathode materials, diaphragm materials, such as battery R & D and industrial technology, battery technology and battery management system, etc. developments.

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A rechargeable battery manufacturing base in Hengyang

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 16:15
On the morning of October 16, Pine Industrial Park, Shenzhen electric power projects in a nickel battery production base was officially put into operation, planning an annual output of finished batteries of 80 million. One is put into production, the company will levy to build two projects, then, you can build rechargeable battery manufacturing base and lithium battery production base in Hengyang. Municipal Committee, mayor of Silver announced that the project goes into operation and visited the production line. The project opening ceremony chaired by the Municipal Committee, vice mayor Duan Zhigang.

Electric Division power projects started construction in August last year, just 14 months time to complete the civil construction and commissioning of equipment, the timely completion of the opening. Shenzhen Electric Division power plan to invest 560 million yuan in value, to build a battery production base. A nickel battery production projects put into operation on that day to invest 180 million yuan, mainly produces high temperature emergency, energy saving and environmentally friendly batteries, planning an annual output of finished batteries 80 million. The second phase project will be a new, fully automated Li-ion battery production line certain to create a rechargeable battery manufacturing base in Hengyang.

Vice Mayor Tang Ke pointed out that the official opening of the Electric Division Power Co., Ltd. to further expand the strategic new industry enterprise groups in the city, optimize the industrial structure, increase revenue, promote employment has a positive role in promoting. I hope the quality and efficiency of the lifeblood of the enterprise, with strong quality, outside image, and continuously enhance the vigor and vitality of the enterprises bigger and stronger, to make a positive contribution to the city's economic construction.

Li Lun, chairman of Shenzhen electric power company, said that the company chose Hengyang as battery production base value is Hengyang a favorable investment environment, favorable geographical location and the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and pine industrial parks to attract foreign investment sincerity, he said, of put into production, the company will be the relocation of the Shenzhen manufacturing headquarters for admission.

The Hengyang electric power for a production, has also attracted the attention of the world. U.S. Philips emergency lights and power to the Electric Division collaborated for more than three years, purchase products amounting to more than 500 million U.S. dollars every year, the product of the production of power to the Electric Division, General Manager John spoke highly of.

A nickel battery production base in Shenzhen Electric Division power project officially put into the development of new energy industry added an indelible mark, so far, the park's new energy industry has been the introduction in building materials, Rita, power supplies, power Branch pine construction of industrial parks, management the Ngong power and D'Group companies, according to statistics, the park-building in these projects and all production standards, the annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan, when the new energy will become the leading industry of the park.

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The current problems facing the organic solar cells

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 16:10
According to foreign media reports, with the success of small organic molecules of energy efficient solar cell R & D, like a newspaper printed solar panels distance become a reality one step closer. The energy efficiency of such solar cells developed by the University of California, Santa Barbara, a research group is 6.7%, comparable with the best performance of polymer solar cells. The energy efficiency of most of the polymer battery in 6% to 8%.

The authors, including Nobel Prize winner Alan - Alexander Haig, Professor, on the 7th in the papers published in Nature Materials magazine, wrote: "These findings make the solution to the treatment of organic photoelectric technology has made significant progress and confirmed that the use of small molecules solar cells made with their version of the polymer to compete against. "

Monash University, Australia, a materials scientist Chris - McNeil said, the paper marks in this area has made a new "significant" progress. Scholars and industrial laboratories around the world is unremitting research on organic solar cell devices, because they have to make a flexible, low-cost solar energy equipment for mass production potential.

Although this new type of solar cell is similar to the performance of many silicon solar panels installed in Australia on the roof, but their manufacturing costs will be lower, and ultra-light and flexible features will also apply them to a variety of different ways, and even used in the uneven surface. University of Queensland Organic Photonics and Electronics Center, Paul - Professor Meredith said, most people so far mainly focus on the development of the organic polymer solar cells. However, these batteries are difficult to control and production, because they are generally difficult to achieve uniform standards on the size and performance. He said: "If I collected a bucket of this polymer battery, and view each molecule, I will find them on the size and shape is very different from these novel small-molecule, as long as you make the appropriate synthesis, each the molecules are the same, so you can better control and production of solar cells. "

Meredith said the next step is the production of a commercial size to maintain this level of energy conversion model. Solar panels on the roof area of ​​approximately 10 cm2, while published in the journal "Nature Materials" small molecule solar cells only 0.196 cm2 effective area. He said: "the current problems facing the organic solar cells, is when we try to made in proportion to the larger equipment, we produce the best (energy conversion) only a few percent." Problems still exist including: whether small molecule solar cells made from a larger area of ​​the battery to maintain the efficiency of this transformation, and whether it can reach the standards of industrial-scale production.

Meredith said, but it is a very beautiful molecules can be described as first-class quality ". "I was surprised to get such a good electrical properties, it can escape so perfectly self-organization." McNeil said, the main benefits of organic solar cells, they can be used in papers like as using the volume-to-roll printing process to produce low-priced products. He said: "If you can produce ultra-light, efficient and low-cost modules, people will be pleased to accept it (the use of organic solar cells) roof infrastructure without making any changes, because you can spread it out on the roof, clung to it, then connect the power. "

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Republican Party to win over some voters

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 16:01
The 13th U.S. President Barack Obama specifically on trade with China speech, and a rare personally announced that the U.S. has joined the European Union and Japan filed a trade action against China of restricting exports of rare earths to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Obama said that the case involves the rare earth materials used in high-tech products from hybrid cars to the phone's battery, the United States hope that the U.S. companies in the local production of these products, but to do this, U.S. manufacturers on Chinese supply rare earth materials. He pointed out that, be able to manufacture advanced batteries and hybrid vehicles for the United States is too important to the United States can not stand.

Before his speech that morning, the United States, Japan and the EU have jointly filed a lawsuit against China to the WTO, to seek to resolve this dispute.

Obama also said, has been a constructive economic relations between the United States, the United States tend to be resolved through dialogue and friction between China and differences. But when American workers and companies are encountering unfair trade practices, he will take action.

Foreign media analysis that Obama move with obvious political overtones. In the 2012 U.S. presidential election in the context of the recent Obama on trade issues with China to take strong language, intended to hit back at criticism of the Republican Party to win over some voters. Previously, the Republican Party's leading presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been criticizing Obama's China policy is too weak.

Trade litigation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, on the 13th to respond, said rare earth is a scarce non-renewable resources, the development of rare earth impact on the environment, based on the consideration of protecting the environment and resources, to achieve sustainable development, the Chinese government mining, production and export of rare earth in all aspects of implementation of management measures, and not just in the export sector, in line with WTO rules.

Liu Weimin, China's rare earth resources of the global total of 36.4%, but bear with more than 90 percent of the global supply of rare earth. Over the years, despite tremendous pressure on the environment, China has been trying to maintain a certain amount of exports of rare earths. In the future, China will continue to supply the international market of rare earth and rare earth exports in accordance with WTO rules to implement effective management.

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