February 01 [Fri], 2019, 10:33


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Still better than the Emoji Movie


And here comes the chain of unnecessary sequels, this is alpha and omega all over again well wake me up when we get to ghost squirrels. Why was this even made? The first one was a critical and financial failure, and this one just looks like it has the most unoriginal, rehashed plot imaginable. Just yet another Oh, those mean old smelly humans are destroying the cute animals' home out of greed and just for the fun of it, so the animals have to fight back with plenty of bathroom humor and dated pop- culture references thrown in story. It looks like an EXTREMELY poor man's 'Over the Hedge.'.

“I said Roll Over!” flips 90 degrees “What are you doing? Roll over” “I don’t know how, I’m not classically trained” I've always hated nut job and no one asked for another one of these monstrosities (no offense tho) The first one looked stupid but this actually doesn't look too bad now there's a second one? I'm watching this just for Jackie Chan Wow the original was trash. The only thing that catches my eye is Jackie Chan. Oh I have really got to see this This is like Madagascar I love it


why u dont put jackie chan in the title? he should get honorable mention, its a freaking jackie-chan! looks better. How? Well, the animation is good for what it is, and the characters are a LOT more likeable. But that isn't saying much.

The, Jungle! Bunch? Online & Hindi, HBO. 2018 Mojo, Watch… Online

Jacki Chan 😁😁😁

The mouse look like Snowball fra Secret life of pets Hahaha, I thought Jackie Chan did the voice of Mr. Feng because he sounded like Monkey in Kung Fu Panda. Who thought I was right. I love Jackie Chan even more

When is this gonna premiere on universal kids/Sprout? 2:06 how is this possible #Newyorkrats


One inch punch 0:27 dont call me cute - Judy Hopps?? sound like the little white ones said white power I only liked it when I saw it had Jackie Chan in it Watch - Online. The, Jungle? Bunch, And, Full? Download HAHAHAAAA I like Mr feng he's just like snowball they both got spunk scrappy and feisty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am going to watch the movie today ♡

The nut job ? more like ball job eh ? ;)

I never thought it would save the 2

God they could've at least changed the plot.

Is a little mouse😍😍😍

Bojack, is that you? Wait a second where Grayson? JACKIE, NO!!! 1:42 , of course you'd come up with such a chessy pun... Wait... Oh... (Face palm) (Loud) I would love a nut job right now Is no one else bothered by how the rat looks and has the same personality as the bunny in secret life of pets? Nut job but I like handjob more

I have a feeling that the trailer shows everything, just like Max Steel's I’ve never seen so many cliches in a trailer. lol ha ha ha Love's Water Drop THIS IS NOT MY KIND OF NUT JOB first one was such cancer, why in the hell does a sequal exist? The trees--the animals! The animal homes! The nature! Yep! Go nuts on them! Stop them from destroying the park!


Can you please make a full vujen

one punch mice by jackie chan

Hugs? Movie openload

Watch, The? Jungle & Bunch - Online & Free Streaming

Is it me or does that mouse remind me of that bunny from The Secret Life of Pets lol

an evil wizard must have turn Jackie Chan into a mouse.





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