Elvis, rubbish bin and the "Heartbreak Hotel". 

September 19 [Mon], 2005, 22:46
Well one Saturday while walking around Arab Street, I saw something interesting at the one the block of those shophouses.

A Elvis cardboard beside a rubbish bin.
I was like WTF?
How can they fucking put Elvis beside a rubbish bin man!
Seriously what are those people thinking.

If they put some crappy mainstream singer without soul aka money making tree for the record company, I don't give a damn they put it beside a rubbish bin. I may also volunteer to open the rubbish bin and stock the cardboard in it.

I know there's a song by Elvis called "Heartbreak Hotel", and opposite of the street there's a shophouse is damn run down and abandoned.

Maybe those people think that shophouse is the heartbreak hotel.
That's why they put Elvis there, but come on, the shophouse opposite the street looks more like Abandoned-Rundown-FuckedUp Motel.

Lucky they never put my favourite bands or guitarists cardboard there.
Or else I will:
1) React WTF and take that cardboard back home.
2) Still take the cardboard home.
3) Kick the rubbish bin and take the cardboard home.

Hate those crappy mainstream pop music, most Singaporeans are so typically poison by it.
Cause pop is a souless music.
It's nothing but escape-from-reality, "everything" is "okay" music that paralyzes people and steals their will to think about life.

Life is beautiful regardless of what.

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Shiro Geographic Issue #0: Japan 

September 11 [Sun], 2005, 1:54
Oh fuck liao, almost everything of this blog is in Japanese, knn quite hard to navigate some options to edit and add in for the blog, but STAY TUNE for Shiro Geographic official launch!
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