Happy new year 2006 

January 14 [Sat], 2006, 14:04

I was just thinking about something I should do in this new year.
oninuing to write something like journal......
Journal.....?? J our na l???
I haven't updated this weblog for a long time for a long time.
I declare that I will keep to write my blog and let you know how I am doing!

Anyway ,it's to start!

On January 7th , I attend my friend's second party of wedding.
Hey "Kabu!!" , congratulation on your marriage!!
I know you gonna make brilliant family and be one of the happiest guy.

And I have one more big news!!
On January 10th ,the baby of S.O.D who is one of my crews was born ,aiight!!
yo man , you gotta be the gratest daddy!



we know how to get down weekend!! 

June 05 [Sun], 2005, 1:35
What's up yo!!

Last night , we were at place that we can watch the soccer and drink and eat ,becasue of Sas-k's birthday yesterday and the soccer game for world cup to watch.
The place where we were was no crowded even if most of shops was filled with people who wanna watch the game at that time.
I actually like this kind of place to drink with friends ,and drinks there were pretty tasty that I believe.
we talked about a lot of things with liquor and I really got drunk.because we took strong ones like vodka ,tequila and something like that. That's was so fun that I almost forgot to cheer Japan team.

I wanna keep doing like this as long as possible!!

Anyway, Happy birthday

Peace~ Shingy

Just my day off... 

May 29 [Sun], 2005, 18:25
I am so fuckin' tired man.... 'cause I just come back to home from TOIEC test.
How was it?! Don't ask me man.
Only one thing that I can say is that I need to keep studying English

By the way ,yesterday I had something to do in Shibuya. And after done, I went to Disck Union to look arround vinyles. and I found 'no need for alarm (Del the funky homosapien)'out for good deals.
I ,of course, took it and also "Capital punishment (Big pun)" and "Greenbee (mix cd by dj muta)".
There's no doubt that these shits are cool man.

And at night , I was going out to meet S-k to talking about something that happened around us in Azamino city.
They were like something for wedding ceremony ,organizing the schedule of Area25 that is our footsal team and our party.
We moved to the field to doing cypher after that. It's fuckin fun ,and my hope is that anyone join us man!!

Finally , we went to Ramen shop at which people eat it outside.
Ha~~~~ I am absolutly addiction of Ramen!!

Peace ~Shingy

Pitch a bitch 

May 28 [Sat], 2005, 0:57
Yo man.

Did somebody watch the soccoer ,which is Japan and U.A.E, today?
I did , and then I find one thing I dislike out.
That's the cheer shouted by Japanese when Japan team get pinch.
It's like "kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". It's like almost bitch's scream. It's like concert of Brad pitt. Fuck it.

I guess ,most of people in world never seen like this at soccer stadium.
In my fuckin' opinion , Japanese national team has become a kind of brand for young female in this country.
This is because of the World cup that take a place in Japan and Korea.
maybe since it was coming to be held , girls who like to cheer only national team and aren't acutually interested in the soccer has increased.
I wanna dis them more but I should stop pitch a bitch man....

Anyway that game was so boring ,always I feel same thing when I watch the soccer with Japanese national team.
and now I regret so much that I miss the championship of champinoLeage.

Stay cool ~ Shingy

Be happy!! 

May 24 [Tue], 2005, 22:13
Just now , S.O.D who is one of my crew(M.D.R) told me his girlfriend is pregnant and he got a marriage contract.

I am really really supprised at that. and this is first time that the person who is really close to me is going to get married.

I made something that they started to be together ,because this is that I introduce his girlfriend to S.O.D when I was student in college.
Oh~ 6years has been past ,now they are going to get married. now I feel that I am happy for them and a little lonely 'cause I wanted to making a night out with him more.

but the best thing for me is that they will make great family and invite me their house!!

Anyway, be happy man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation of your marriaed


Kisarazu part.2 

May 23 [Mon], 2005, 22:52
I stayed over his house and S seemed like having hang over.
And we were supposed to be at Kisarazu city ,'cause there is our high school "Gyosei international school".

I hadn't been there for 5 or 6 years ,but I had really wanted to see guys who took care of us in the
dormitory and to walk around the ground that I'd played football and dorm that I'd been at for 3 years.

And then I did , I remenber a lot of things to happen around there. It makes me feel "oh.. I was here and I got old..."
after that , we talked with guy who has been taking care of dorm ,and there was amazing thing for me that when he saw me , he called my name like "What's up shin**"
even thought he hadn't seen me for 7years. I am really glad man!!

after leaving there , we made plan on going to Ramen House that we used to get in high school.

That's so great!!
I love Kizarazu city

stay cool ~Shingy

Kisarazu part.1 

May 23 [Mon], 2005, 21:45
Yo guys.

I went to sort of trip to Kisarazu last weekend.
at first I and my friends got to meet together at the shop that we can have both foods and liquor in Tsudanuma city on last Saturday night.
We were talking , drinking and having fun man.

and after get out of there , my friend Mr S said that he got caviar in Russia and foie gras in Hungary when had been on business trip and "why don't you guys come to my house to drink with them? ".

Oh shit , that's awsome man!! Of course we have nothing to say no.
That was my first time to eat caviar and foie gras. They were Ok ,so I had a precious experience.
and we were keep talking with vodka from Russia.

to be continued...


May 17 [Tue], 2005, 18:59
Yo man.
I just got home from fuckin' work.

I am getting used to it by little and little . Therefore , I can use the time after work to do something for me like music ,study ,chillin' and so on. That's good for me ,because I can get the way by that both I can be more improved and enjoying my life more easily than before.
But I am sure I will never get satisfied with this job , so I wanna soar much more than now using this job as step.

"Road of the underground ;load jazz hit me one time" is on my turntable now!!

Load jazz hit me one time make it funnky,
Load jazz hit me one time make it funnky
Load jazz hit me one time make it funnky
Load jazz hit me one time make it funnky

I love this line!!

Stay cool~Shingy

I like to get busy2 

May 16 [Mon], 2005, 23:15
on 15th

Oh~ I got muscle ache on whole body.
I would have something to have dinner with O. before that I was chillin' with good musics and to get rid of some messes
in my room.
the restaurant that I was in is "Ikkaku" at Yokohama city!!
good chiken and good alcoho!! It was worth to stop in there for sure, when you stick around there.

after I got home , I was really depressed about my fucking work to coming from tomorrow.


I just finished watching TV drama "engine"!!
it's fuckin' drama making me impressed. oh I almost get tears, Watch out man!!!

Peace~ shingy

I like to get busy!! 

May 16 [Mon], 2005, 22:42
How do you do guys?
I am really fucked up recently
I am going to write the weekend what I did down.

on May 13th

I was in "Dai" that is Hawaian dining bar in Azamino with G and M.
and We were talking about the things to be usually done at Pachinko shop.
It was fraud to contorl coins!!

at that day , Go went to meet professional sloter in Shinjyuku that he made an appointment to see before.
and this guy told G some ways to control coins by computer at the side of shop.
It was so intersting for so many sloters or pachinkers who have been suspecting that , I guess.
I can only say "Don't get any shit man"!

on 14th

The futsal that I was playing makes me get a lot of fun.
Area 25 that my team and FC RUTANDE that my man "Kuma" lead had a game at Liv Shinyurigaoka.

I was long time no play futsal (in fuct, any excercise) , therefore , I was really exhausted.
But I hope we will keep doing these games with FC RUTANDE , 'cause it is really a nice rival for us
and everybody in it is quite decent to have a game with us!! I really respect them. Big up!!

after that we moved to the Karaoke with sas-k and some of member in FC Rutande.
there we made sort of cypher man!! there are rapping ,beatbox and singing ,and ,of course,Mc Battle we did!!
Marvelous night!!
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