E-cigarettes are smoking initiation devices

June 30 [Sun], 2019, 17:31
E-cigarettes are smoking initiation devices

Many people in the public health community had hoped that vape wholesale supply would be an effective way for people to stop smoking (ourselves included). That’s because these battery-operated products deliver nicotine with fewer than the approximately 7,000 toxic chemicals in regular cigarettes.

However, e-cigarettes still contain potentially harmful substances ― such as heavy metals like lead, volatile organic compounds and cancer-causing agents ― and evidence of vaping being an effective cessation method is limited and, in many cases, ambiguous.

Research shows that most individuals (80 per cent) who attempt to quit smoking using e-cigarettes fail to do so. Of the 20 per cent who successfully quit smoking, most (80 per cent) remain active users of e-cigarettes.The evidence also suggests that rather than being smoking cessation devices for adults, e-cigarettes act as smoking initiation devices for youth. The National Academy of Sciences’ systematic review published in early 2018 found substantial evidence that e-cigarette use increases the risks that youth and young adults will starting smoking cigarettes. It also found moderate evidence that vaping “increases the frequency and intensity” of subsequent cigarette smoking.

This finding has been affirmed in study after study published after the 2018 review. The increased risk of smoking is particularly strong (8.5-fold increased risk) in those who would otherwise be at low risk of starting to smoke cigarettes.
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