Is someone watching you?

December 05 [Thu], 2019, 17:59
Is someone watching you?

This post will have a look at the ways that are essential parties could be snooping on your online activities right now.

Government surveillance
Your government is spying on you.

Emails, messages and other data from your accounts with AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PalTalk, Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, and others
Internet traffic passing through undersea fiber optic cables, which it taps in collaboration with governments around the world
These are only the programs we know about, based on leaked information. So there is also the possibility that new and secret surveillance programs are currently spying on us in other ways.

You may have secured computers and your own network with firewall and security applications. You probably have an authenticated connection. But how secure is the path your data takes when you transmit it over the web? When you receive or send data packets online, you know when they reach their destination. However, you don’t know that may have made a copy ― or which networks that data passed through to this destination on its way. It’s possible your traffic is being spied on, by other parties as well as government agencies. Types of malware that can steal your data comprise:

Unsecure internet connections
Keyloggers ― These programs record every keystroke you to track your activity or steal data, send and make it to a third party.

Adware ― Sites you see are monitored and sent to a third party, which uses the data to target advertisements based on your browsing history.

Malicious software
Spyware ― Software that seems to serve a purpose but also steals your data. The infamous CoolWebSearch download introduced itself as a browser add-on, but additionally, it stole chatlogs, account credentials, bank information and more. Each cookie includes information that identifies you, either from your IP address or your browser’s unique identifier.

If the advertisement distributor is big enough, you’ll see their ads on a lot of different sites. And they’ll find a cookie each time. The end result is that the advertiser apply the data to target ads more effectively and can track your browsing activity.
Third-party tracking cookies
if you would like to protect your data from surveillance that is secret. Or share your thoughts!

If the ad distributor is big enough, you’ll see their ads on lots of different sites. And they’ll get a cookie each time. The result is that the advertiser can track your browsing activity and use the data to target ads more effectively.

Most commercial websites now warn you that “This website uses cookies to improve the user experience.”

Whether or not this constitutes spying is a matter of perspective. But these tracking cookies could undoubtedly be considered a sneaky invasion of your privacy.

Measures to protect you from spies
If you want to protect your data from secret surveillance, consider the following steps.

Use a Buy VPN to encrypt your internet traffic, so spies can’t open data packets even if they intercept them
Install security software and keep it up to date, to protect your computer from malware and hackers
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