Training the Trainers – Continuing Professional Development

November 19 [Tue], 2019, 10:03
Training the Trainers – Continuing Professional Development

We already have excellent resources on our website that can help teachers and advisers provide young people with accurate and accessible information that can raise aspirations and help navigate decisions. But we never rest on our laurels and want to do more.CPD (Continuing Professional development)

We know that time pressure and competing demands are an unavoidable reality of modern life, but we envisage this new role will make things easier by:

Creating ways for mainstream teachers to blend Hepp content into subject-specific lessons
Providing current information for other adults from whom young people are seeking advice, who might not know much about higher education or have out-of-date information or views
Explaining some of the more recent or peripheral parts of the higher education landscape, such as T Levels or Higher/Degree Apprenticeships
Giving context to the need for higher education, including the labour market information, skills and informed views of the future world of work
There is already lots of information available on the internet, so our role will be to signpost to great resources, where possible, and produce new resources to fill gaps, where necessary. We‘re also planning events where we can provide learning and information directly, rather than just online.

This is a role we’re still shaping, so if you’ve got a “if only Hepp could do XYZ then I could help the young people I speak to understand higher education so much better” thought – then please do get in touch with Sonia.
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