How to create Google site map ?

April 11 [Wed], 2012, 15:33

A Google site maps can help improve your rankings and drive more traffic to web site. Here is a quick primer on how sitemap works, and how you can create your very own sitemaps and submit them to the google search engines.

What is a site map and the benefits of creating sitemaps?

Sitemaps are usually only necessary for big sites. A site with only 10 pages don't really need to need a sitemap as the Google search engines can easily discover all the pages on the site. But a web page with thousands of web pages will certainly need to need a sitemap as not all the links will be found by the search bots.

A sitemap is basically just a static web page or RSS feed that lists all the links of the web page. Here is what you need to do to create a sitemap.

Method 1: Static sitemap.

This is the easiest and most straight forward method. All you need to do is to generate a static web page and put all your links in it. If you need more than 100 pages, separate your links and place them in unique pages. For instance, you can need something like sitemap-page1.html, sitemap-page2,html and so on. The reason why you need to do this is because you don't want the search bots to "think" that your site consists of spammy links!

Method 2: XML sitemap.

An XML sitemap can be created so that the links are updated automatically. If you use Wordpress, you can install Google's XML sitemap creator and the it will create a Google sitemap for your site. This map will update automatically when you publish new content.

Best free sitemap generator----SiteMap X

SiteMap X is an auto site map creator which can create high quality sitemaps in up to one minute. No need to waste time and energy on manual creation any more. Entering the URL of your website and filling the required fields according to your own needs, then a perfect site map will be finished immediately.|

SiteMap X also possesses many other outstanding functions:

1.Site Map Uploader You can use the built-in FTP Client to manually or automatically upload your sitemaps at any time.

2.Search Engine Pinger After you upload or update your site map, SiteMap X can immediately ping search engines about the new site map and the changes on your site. This function can not only quicken the indexing process but also help to improve the SE rankings.

3.Site Problem Discover When it crawls your web pages, it can check all the problems of your site including dead links and report to you immediately.

4.Schedule Site Map Creation You can just set a schedule and let SiteMap X automatically generate the sitemaps for you.

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