i'm moving back 

2006年04月18日(火) 16時19分
i've decided to move back to my previous blog. cannot stand the 2000 words and 4 pics per entry restriction.


2006年04月13日(木) 13時50分
..THAT I'M SUCH AN IDIOT. 自討苦吃. this is probably worse than what i've imagined. arghz. 3 days is enough.. i dun need 3 months to experience more of this. physically and mentally torturous lar. can't stand ppl kaobeeiinng me so much everyday. freak. whatever u wanna say, i dun tink i wanna 忍 anymore. enough liao.. before i get more and more vulgar and bad tempered by the day.. so for my own happiness, i dun care liao.. i'm going to QUIT! freak.


2006年04月12日(水) 0時38分
i really dunno what i've gotten myself into.. =(


wat the hell lar.


don't ask.


2006年04月10日(月) 21時29分
watching pride makes me fall in love with takuya all over again! captain of blue scorpions ice hockey team. no. 9! 里中ハル!damn shuai and cool man. not bad lor, e roles he play always make him damn seh one. when i watched goodluck in which he played the role of a pilot, i also went gaga over him.. mwahahahz.

first day of work.. still alright ba.. ?!.. still got many stuffs to learn.. and i tink i'm going to get poorer by the day man... cos i'm working for considerably short hours, at least for this week's roster. and e hourly pay is no where near my previous pay rate.. arrrrrrrrr.. have to control my spending already. serious!

but well, i'm getting much more time to myself and dun haf to wake up damn early like at 7am everymorning anymore.. ooh. and that means chionging more shows!

and yes. s m u called me to go for interview liao. have to bring my own stationery that day. that means i have to write an essay over there la. sian. the last proper english essay i wrote was probably my A levels gp essay, which was quite long ago. my essay writing skill is probably kinda jialat now i suppose.... hai. thot it'd be done at home so i can at least write with more sense and better english. irritating. even scholarship applicants write their essays at home lor.

continued frm prev post. 

2006年04月08日(土) 1時41分
and it's quite interesting to listen to their conversations. conversations of women of twenties and early thirties. talk abt their bf, husband, kids, cars, apartments, office politics etc. conversations which i'll nv touch on wif my peers now.. but it strucked me that it'd be really soon.. in a few more years to come. ooh. scary huh. haha..

hai, and it's really rather untimely... for e last 2 weeks i was really slacking hard. i was actually trying to be as inefficient as possible!.. but these few days e workload was madnesss. DOs and invoices from roadshows printed in huge stacks. goodness.. chiong until my neck pain. can understand why my boss gonna miss me cos her workload gonna be damn hiong for e next week, i guess?..

always wanted to like skive for a week or two.. take a break b4 i start working again. but seems like i always leave my job only when i've found another. jus like e previous one.. hahz. anyway this time got pl working wif me! lol. she's worked wif xl and yy le.. and now wif me. hahz. ok.. going for typhoid jab wif her tmr..starting work on mon.. another new experience awaits! lol..i make it sound nice, but i'm sure e experience gonna be not-that-enjoyable. lol. hope i will persevere ya. update bout my new job nex wk.. weekend is here! have fun ya! =)

last day at a s i a p a c 

2006年04月08日(土) 0時14分
truthfully speaking i was feeling quite 捨不得, esp after lunch. 2.5 months just past in a flash. still rmb how i wanted to quit during e first few days of work.. how i totally got freaked out by those stacks of DOs and invoices! and how i was counting down to 1 month cos i was initially told that i'd b only be needed for 1 month. 不知不覺 i've travelled to and fro tamp and bukitmerah for quite sometime already..felt that e company was a 'cold' place.. cos my work doesnt require interaction. but actually not that bad..it jus takes time to warm up wif e ppl ard. when i start to talk more to ppl, feel more comfortable wif everything.. it's time i leave.

and of cos.. must mention my boss, who's actually considered very nice to me. heard she's someone not easy to get along with but apparently we got on v well. can crap with me somemore. =) actually i got along quite well wif e accounts ppl..go lunch wif them quite often. they are v nice..and gave me advices during e few wks when i was vexing over uni application. brought me around to places wif gd food during lunch when they have car.went havelock for e curry rice and famous charkwayteow, tongshui cafe etc. and today is e most hiong one! we went himawari at mountfaber safra for lunch. i was shocked by e prices on e menu! even e cheapest is like 18.80++. and those ladies very on abt e buffet, which is like 30.80++.. and i only had $20 wif me. hahaaa. but my boss was really nice enough to treat me la. ex right..i felt 不好意思. e buffet is quite nice. got shabu-shabu steamboat which is not v common in sg..mixed sashimi and alot of other fried stuffs like assorted tempura.. and e fried codfish was heavenly! ate till so full till i didnt haf to eat dinner. i'm still not hungry even now!

brief update. 

2006年04月04日(火) 23時49分
go watch ICE AGE 2!! damn hilarious! i enjoyed laughing away thruout e movie. ideal movie to watch after work. =)

ahh, and i realise that i'm really spending big time lately. apart from the fact that i spent alot on my hair that day, i still am spending more than usual. i eat dinner outside more often than i eat at home.. social life also more hiong.. kbox sessions, movies, pool, restaurants.. mwahahahh. enjoying life man. hmm, actually not. cos working ain't really enjoyable. damn TIRED. i'm serious..and finally i'm really leaving my current job for REAL this friday. hope my boss wont miss me too much. haha jus jk la.. so bu yao lian. anyway, i'm leaving for real this time cos i've found another job. 'venturing' into the service industry next. no more admin..papers and staring at laptop for hours. hahh.. i noe service industry sucks too, perhaps more so than admin. but jus wanna 體驗人生.. my mother thinks i'm crazy. haha. e pay is much lesser also. but. well. EXPERIENCE is the word! must give me ur support!

watched the hills have eyes on sat. wow. tt day outing's turn out not bad. quite many ppl came, i think. ahahaz. and i tink NS have changed them quite abit. can c some bcome more 壯.. lol. but the sad fact is...we really have no more common topics. it's mainly them talking bout their new ns life. somehow i think that their lives are actually much more interesting than e girls' lo. wads there to talk abt office.. jus sianz lo.. ya, abt e movie.... it's my first M18 show! e show is pretty thrilling, not bad, except that it was kind of slow at e beginning. hmm, another gory show.. the kind which i fear most..worse than horror movie. hahhz. but 人就是這樣, like to pay money to scare themselves. =D.

i must work hard.. 

2006年03月29日(水) 22時41分
i just spent a bomb on my hair!!! blasted about 4 days of pay lor!!! abit 心理不平衡.. haHhz. walked in wif e intention of doing highlight only..then the stylist say must do low light also.. then must do haircut.. then must do treatment so that colour can last longer.. yeah do this do that.. and it amounts to over 200 bucks. wAh. like damn 奢侈 right. ahhh must 省吃減用了. must 努力勤奮工作.. damn. oh ya and i've jus extended another week. hahz. like keep extending lo. arh i dunno la.. now also quite busy lar..... seems like there's no chance to rest and slack.. haiz but tink of it.. slacking for one week means forgoing $280.. leisure becomes costly ya? haha.. this is so labour economics.. remember the subsituition effect? lol. watever la.. work then work la.. need to fill in back on the loss in my account.. damn. and yes PAYDAY is near! ooh, but again.. not sure if i'll really get my pay end of this month not.... HR is gone.. wonder if the management found replacement liaoz not.. if not hope someone is doing the payroll la..... i wan my paycheck!

weekend. [part 2/2] 

2006年03月27日(月) 23時44分
continued from previous post.

hahh quite a pity that i missed out on eugene unwrapping our pressie for him. got 21 items in the hamper. haha! every item signifies a yr older. items like big chicky soft toy, mug, lamp, dustbin, super uber long chopsticks, towel, red wine etc.. and that explains why i said i went frantic shopping wif them last thurs. lol. but thanks to jacq's blog.. i knew wad went on while i was gone..=D. eugene u must b quite gandong by our gift for u right! hAhaaaa.

On fri night,

e messy process..

tada! our end product!

Oh yeah since i'm posting pics.. let u see the adorable triplets in my p1 class..

joe and james.. jack that day dunno why eye pain..but of cos, he looks like the other 2 la! haha.

joe and james.

DAMN CUTE RIGHT? woa.. haha. will find a chance and take a pic of 3 of them together. hehe..

and yup credits to jacq for all the pics.

weekend. [part 1/2] 

2006年03月27日(月) 22時03分
And i was saying last week(meaning weekdays) passed quite fast.. BUT the weekend passed even faster lor!! b4 i know, it's Monday again.. hai. but alright la, cos i'm now damn BUSY during work. like finally.. haha. so time passes v fast in the office..

shall update bout last weekend..

sat went saf changi chalet wif e fsc ppl to celebrate eugene's 21st birthday. 21st bday grand affair ya.. hahaaz. i was wondering wad i'd do during my 21st bday.. cos bday every yr is like just another day ar.. hahahhz. hmmm if i invite u to my 21st bday bash u must come ok? if no ppl come then v paisehh lo. LOL. okok back to e main track.. played bridge there.. had buffet-styled dinner. the 'cake-cutting ceremony' was pretty amusing. e bday bash was co-organised for eug and his other friend. so they were kinda supposed to cut the cake together. eug had no choice but to hold his friend's hand. hahahz! like cutting wedding cake. and worse, his friend is a male. lol..

posing for e camera! haha!

fsc peeps. =)

oh yes, and e bday cake is soooo delicious! durian flava from emi cakes! yummyummy! ok.. aft tt left to meet e oceans peeps.. jek drove! went changi village for supper.. the food quite nice.. but i couldn't stuff myself wif food anymore, so didnt eat much. aft tat went jek's place to watch movie till daybreak. we watched 霍元甲 and 三個好人 lo. Damn tired la..but i tried hard to keep awake during e shows. HA..then went home in e morning and concussed till 12plus b4 i went for my jap lesson. tskz. was in CMI mode on sunday man.

to be continued..
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