2010年03月28日(日) 23時45分
have u ever ask the question 'y do you need a bf/gf, husband/wife?' 'why do u need another half in your life?' you find a man to be your bf and then u two have a real good sweet time... then wats next? to follow the normal routine 1) two ppl save money tgt 2) buy a flat tgt 3) getting married 4) babiesss 5) earn more and more money 6) raise up children tgt*********

i find it a pretty boring story. wat if i love a man but we cannot manage to get marry...then will tat be the end of my life? now i find it hard to step forward, i dunno wat should be the 'next step' in my life...


2009年12月06日(日) 22時34分
To-do List:

1: Yoga/Dance Course
2: Degree of Law
3: Design Course
4: Make-up Course
5: Jap Proficient Test
6: CFA
7: A lot Readings
8: Driving Lessons

love this! 

2009年11月17日(火) 17時16分


2009年10月21日(水) 1時09分
things changing... pls gimme a brand new start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

game over 

2009年08月31日(月) 22時40分
i would very like to leave u. i have had enough. dun gimme more and more question to think of, more problem to solve. pls~ i just need love from the one i love and u are not the one for me right now and probably in the future.

break up 

2009年08月06日(木) 2時47分
i promise to myself starting from this moment, my feeling for you will disappear one day.

under signal no. 8 

2009年08月05日(水) 1時38分
feel sooooooooooo blue...

i just dun feel right at the moment. i have far too less confidence in myself and i dun want any agressive move. on everything

is it ture when ppl say: it is yours if it belongs to you? which mean i shouldnt have to do anything to win it back if it really belongs to myself.

but y i shall burst into tear the next second? i wonder

nvm, tmr is another day... tho problem still remains unsolved.


2009年07月25日(土) 4時21分
quality friends.

love u

seriously thinking 

2009年06月05日(金) 2時45分
my dear n dine at my home last night...it was so nice to see u again. i just miss u alot. we gotta meet up more, i luv u babe.

she told me this story last night and then i have been thinking abt it for the whole day today. the story is abt this gurl O who is at my age and with very good looking...

she s been with a super nice guy for around 4 years...their story was impressive. everything changed after O start working in this materialistic world. then O dumped her bf for a rich boss...O got the feeling tat she became the queen of the world...money, cars, chanel, Gucci, Louis Vitton, prada and YSL...etc.

the story ended with tat O is not the only gurl for rich boss...

i had a brief discussion with n on O's story last night...

will u be happy if u were O? in fact O's story is pretty common in the reality. esp. in hk nowadays...love=money=happiness=u have everything? i am not so sure. n hate the idea tat the relationship is all abt money and reputation but nothing else. me? one moment i think it will be so v nice if i can just have my dream bags, accessories, cars, flat etc...without those hard work everyday...then the next min i think i am just being naive.

so wat do u think?

a) a man who is willing to share more than a half tat he owns with u (not just money but also times, love...everything) even tho he is not tat rich?

b) or a man who can offer u money and lables which always makes life easier?

no conclusion, i wish i could have both...haha


i dun even know myself 

2009年06月03日(水) 1時35分
hey babe, u know wat? i dun even understand myself.

its sort of like a 'low tide' in my life at the moment. is it all becos of tat i have been too lucky for most of the time?

i am trying so hard to dedicate myself to work. but still i am like nothing in most ppl's eyes...shall i just go right away or keep trying? i have been thinking alot...whether i have done the wrong decision or it just takes time for me to get used to everything? wat am i really doing? is it wat i want for the rest of my life? wat is my achievement at the age of 26? nah...i am useless

shall i just leave u babe? y i start finding it hard to share my stuff with u as if u will never understand and not interested at all? things been changing...u are not as nice as u used to be and i am not being too patient enough.

nah, i dun understand myself...

US next week...give me a break