in the zone  { 13:18 ☆  01 - 18 - 2008 }

There's something about vinyl that's just a bit more magic than mp3s. The cracking maybe, or the fact that you can hear the air better. I have a really old Victor recording of Mozarts ?# symphony that's got a hairline crack running through the middle of it but I still play it to go to sleep. You can't hear any of the orchestra playing almost at all except for the violin, as if someone came in and erased all the other instruments, so it just ends up sounding spooky and airy and oddly relaxing.

I'm working on illustrations again tonight on my sloww compyuutaa...

And it has a very very very very very long way to go..

Wouldn't it be nice to realize an artistic vision without any limitations? (just for once!) In the meantime I make do with a lot of patience and a lot of COFFEE.

frustrationnn  { 16:38 ☆  01 - 17 - 2008 }

I'm working on an Etsy commission right now - a purse. It's looking gorgeous, but.. my damn machine (which I've been using barely a month) keeps doing this weird thing where the needle falls on to the metal face under the foot, instead of into the slot where it should sew into the bobbin thread.
(see image of bent-up needles. sucks.)

Every time it does this, it makes a loud jamming noise and the display reads "E 6" which means that there's thread jamming in the machine (which there isn't). It's extremely frustrating because it happens about every four seconds when I begin sewing. I could cry because I have so many new fabrics and this commissioned purse that I want to finish but the machine just won't let me.

So yeah. Not fun.

But I dunno - maybe I'll see if I can have my machine replaced since it's still under warranty being so new. I'm just disappointed that I can't spend tonight cutting and sewing and ironing and doing all those fun things. A few days ago my great-aunt came to visit, bringing with her... four large rolls of fabrics that were left over from a charity benefit. Here's one:

Isn't it lovely...? She's marked at $70 a yard! Ouch. Big thanks to my aunty for giving this one and the three others to me because I'm excited that I can make some really beautiful things with these. Suddenly I wish I had materials and skill for metal work... ah but first I need to get my sewing machine back on track. I hope my next update tells of a success to this trouble..

Etsy escapades  { 15:23 ☆  01 - 07 - 2008 }

I am amazed that there are over 105,000 Etsy members in Minnesota... that's 2% of the entire state selling handmade! I think that's pretty cool.

Tomorrow my brother is giving me a ride to S.R. Harris (click the link!), so I can get materials for a commission I got already thank-you-very-much. What I love about Harris is that they always have great coupons, weekly ones and monthly ones, so you can get whatever (really, whatever) you want without going broke which I already am. If you live in Minnesota and haven't gone there yet, GO.

Anyways... I have a loaf (or two loaves ??) of bread to put in the oven before I go to bed, so I'll be off now.

Happy nywr n suchs/  { 12:15 ☆  01 - 04 - 2008 }

Watch out! Things in the shop!

In other news, look what my siblings and I made today:

The best part is that, if you want, you can actually buy it as a print on deviantart. Cool I know.

New Sewings...  { 16:16 ☆  12 - 10 - 2007 }

So sorry about not having anything to show for in the 'shop' area yet. I have sewn another dress and a tunic recently, and those shouold be up soon.... well... maybe after Christmas, actually, silly as that sounds. These two items that I've sewn recently are really things that I would love to wear myself at least once before waving goodbye, so I think I'll wait until after Christmas, since that's likely the next time I'd be leaving the house. I'm almost done with both pieces though, so I'll probably put those up in photo-form sooner than later.

The illustration project is coming along slowly... I need more discipline and more time and fewer distractions though. I remember last year at this time I was able to sit and do nothing but draw for four or five hours at a time... I hope I can become that engrossed in my art again soon!

Currently working on...  { 14:03 ☆  12 - 04 - 2007 }

Illustrations... for a book about China and the moon and the fabled invisible red thread which connects those whose lives are destined and bound to one another.. It's actually a children's book, one that someone asked me to illustrate last July. I've finally got the materials set to begin working on it, so I am thrilled to begin the real process of making it. Originally it was going to be finished by November of this year; however, my life took on other plans so I had to focus my energy on other things for a while..
Now that I am more settled into my current setting, I feel ready to embark on this project. I think I can have it completed before or sometime during January 2008. I'll keep y'all posted!

Okay, going back to work now....

Thoughts 'n' things..  { 12:37 ☆  11 - 29 - 2007 }

Things to do, to do...
finish what I started - purses, jacket, dresses, shirts, plushies
design and make shoulder bag - a present for my cousin
re-think my bag-making technique (I only use three pieces of cloth! it's beautiful but very difficult - seamlessness is madness..)
make hats from old sweaters I've been saving up
finish baby hats for Bonnie's baby and Marie's baby (anyone else having a baby? I'll make you a hat)

Illustration project "LCM":
where to begin with this... when I was packing to move home I boxed up most of my drawing materials in a box... that I then forgot to send. So I've been considering creating my illustrations completely digitally... what say you? It's cheaper and easier to work with. If only I had 20-something more hours in the day...
RESEARCH images on 'Net/magazines, music, Chinese motifs
DRAW draw draw draw draw.....

*Secret projects!*
I'm not gonna say what this means but... it involves metal files and white sandpaper, airbrushing, and lots of sewing. Oh yeah and a lotta waiting.

sites and shop sections
Japanese translation
layouts...... eyack

study Kanji - my memory desperately needs a refresher course in Japanese

Because we care....  { 06:33 ☆  11 - 28 - 2007 }

A holiday greeting from my sister and I..... to all of you..!

Yahooooo I conquered the YAPLOG  { 16:07 ☆  11 - 27 - 2007 }


So Yaplog is this Japanese blogging site that I wanted to use for my updates page (the first page you see when you load the site.) I've integrated other blog systems into my sites before, such as the platform that I used in my old 'shan-chan goes to japan' journal. That one was easy to figure out but Yaplog was another story. I've been trying to crack through it's java adware for hours - and finally succeded - only to find out that it doesn't show up in IE. Meh. Anyways the cool thing about Yaplog is that I can use all these great smileys. So there.

Number 5 is the winner! updates..  { 23:21 ☆  11 - 26 - 2007 }

Well as you can see I haven't worked on this site in a few days... not. I work on it for a few hours every night. New layout. Yep. Layout #5 has been the most time-consuming but I hope at least that it will be the most enduring. Nothing much new for content buuuut... I have been sewing (when I have time of course) and there should be some items in the shop by the end of this week. Stay tuned!!!

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