not her own opponent

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 11:41
> Not ignore Yuan Liang virtual sub Ganhao her mother, and turned to look behind the text virtual sub Shitai, said: "senior sister apprentice, you say, this Emei head of the place that is how we go?" Ethereal sub eyes from time to time who looked a virtual child, and then to shift attention, look to the Yuan mother, think to myself: "These people are taking advantage of the moment did not notice me, why do not I make a decision quickly. wWw, quanbeN, cOM is taking a leave, in one fell swoop. "mind immediately did some ideological struggle, and then, under pain Decides: Yuan mother smacked Emeishan, luring her to sell the paper imaginary child killed, and then come back to take the opportunity to take over Emei head position. Ethereal child moving slowly started in the sword, only to hear a sound Shua,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, her hands suddenly toward Yuan snake sword is the sword behind her mother. Yuan ethereal mother suddenly turned out to be behind the attack his son, also blame themselves just too careless, will hold back the ethereal child right wrist release, gave the child a moving ethereal sword opportunities. Only to hear the "canopy" of a sound mind, the original sub-shot ethereal sword though rapidly, but did not grasp the position, under the sword, just hit the sword in the hands of her mother in the Yuan crutch tip top, two metal weapon collision sent a note jingle sound. It touches the ground, virtual sub-liang, who virtual sub duo shocked. Man listening to the sword virtual sub sound, suddenly do not know panic over, or toxic fire attack at this time, after all, far beside a crooked wrists, ordered a return to the government. Yuan back to open a big step toward her mother, eyes widened, ethereal look to the child, then the child is ethereal sword waved toward the Yuan mother personally Pilai. Ethereal son shouted: "Evil evildoer, taste my Emei sword." She knew she was so out of the Emei snake sword law when the heart Huo cheerful, this opportunity will Emei sword hanging in the mouth edge, pick clear she is to Emei faction wars Yuan mother's honor. Yuan mother angry roar like thunder, shouted: "Little baby girl Bushitaiju today, I will not put you in my God stick killed under, you just think I'm afraid of you. Hum." She finished it , then raised his hands crutches, quickly toward the door strike to ethereal sub-surface. Ethereal child saw her angry mind is good enough, thinking: "This is good, you finally are angry, then see how you would remove my opponent. Hum." Flashing her body, deliberately and in benign and virtual child people back and forth direction of the virtual sub-head side to avoid while fighting the Yuan mother's stick work also leads to this duo's body. Liang Wen virtual virtual sub turned around and saw the child had died, could not help but be angry abnormalities, and human imaginary son looked at each other thinking minds are a terrible truth: "This is Evil evildoer Yuan mother though, now lost granddaughter, theosophy greatly affected , just as when the slaughter of spiritualism crazy, and this ethereal child, pointing to the head of Emei is coming, I'm afraid to be more difficult to cope with. "In fact, a discerning eye, the hearts are to understand a little more, this ethereal child is in the hands of her mother by Yuan Liang virtual child with crutches kill people Emei virtual sub two imaginary character generation elders. Ethereal son and said: "Your crutch stick work merely mediocre, there is a higher super do? See the sword." This time she is to take the initiative, and good with people virtual good virtual child were injured child, sitting on the ground are I can not move, in order to remove the body avoid some messy fight this duo, I'm afraid it is difficult. I saw the child in the hands of the ethereal sword stabbed right ear toward the Yuan mother, since this is not handy Yuan mother eyes, that rely on these two ears, and once stabbed her deaf ears and that her mother also YUAN her opponent would do? Yuan mother East strike a wooden club, right-click a spear, ethereal sub-Tibet East Tibet, actually all those insurance bills overcome this. Where fighting diversion will pay to place the text above the virtual sub crowd. Yuan could not help seeing her mother again shouted: "What are you doing, have the ability to come with me on one gestures, the East hide xīzàng What kind?" Ethereal child was not to ignore her mother in prison sāo Yuan , is still consistent dodge policy. Liang virtual sub virtual sub hearts with people thinking: "Oh, we are bitter." Saw the child in the hands of the ethereal sword toward the Yuan mother stabbed his left armpit, resorted to a trick is fragrant previously used high a move swordsmanship, ethereal sub ingenuity, coupled with this serpent sword France seen many times, so use it handy. Yuan moment will be in the hands of her mother crutches towards the next bar, is wanted to block the sword, which know the sword has not stopped, I heard good virtual child say "ah," the called out, the original is Yuan mother playing in the hands of the cane the forehead above, is a large package immediately muster, good virtual sub seeing crutches will be hit in the head when the desired dodge sideways, which know the child in the hands of the ethereal side of the terrible sword trick, actually her retreat gave foreclosed, just being there so she could not move in shrink. Sang Sang Yuan mother suffered a record crutch of the "teachings." Yuan mother "Hey," a cry later, then took a step toward the back open, barely avoided the kill with the sword, look to the people on the ground, and looked up to the ethereal son, said: "Little girl, you What is strange moves, and I have the ability to attend a showdown above the dam, do not come here out of the way. "ethereal child smiles:" It moves weird do? how I do not think, you have no sure way to meet, instead they say is my sword in question, it was too lame argument you up. "Yuan mother said:" I have no time to quarrel with you, I would like to find my granddaughter, the way you haunt me, do not know that I granddaughter gone? "Yuan mother at this time are full of mind thinking Yuan Hui, saw the child with his ethereal than the offer, but also so to dodge, heart is very angry, and then think of ethereal child must be in the play what tricks deliberately to tripping over her own body. Ethereal child thinking: "woolly she confused once, I sew xìng deceive her try." Immediately laughed: "I saw Yuan Hui went, to see if you have the ability to overcome my hands the sword. "Yuan mother angry, big shouted:" Do you really know Keiji gone? you can not lie to me, or I'll make you Siwuquanshi, you know that the consequences. hum. " ethereal son said: "I only saw her go in that direction, I did not follow her to run, how to know exactly where she is now, you are still better than a sword in my hand to say it." ethereal hearts in fact,Oakley Sunglasses Store, the child is very worried Yuan crazy like her mother angry come, that's a man the pass, Wan Fu Mo open warrior, martial arts combined with her already high, is not her own opponent, cable xìng below, only the truth that out, but ethereal child and Yuan mother also hope to have a competition, together with the two nuns killed. Yuan mother is roaring up, loudly a drink, and said: "You are an old woman Laishua I do? Old woman lost her husband, and then they lost their daughter, followed by loss of a son, and now even the granddaughter also do not want me, did not expect You dare to mess with me, hum, what are you court death? "Then later, she suddenly saw the sky is shrill screams, seems to vent anger in the hearts of extreme dissatisfaction. Yuan mother when suddenly mad xìng big hair, white hair stood stud, appears to be to the peak moment of anger. Are seen beside the hearts of everyone burst of panic terror. Liang virtual sub turned around to see who imaginary child, saw her legs stop shaking at this time, the upper and lower teeth started chattering, presumably from the front where a person has not seen such a horror. Yuan mother wide open one pair of blood-red eyes scanned the crowd, finally, the eyes fixed in the ethereal child's body, but also chuckled a smile, said: "I also want to see how you like? Say my granddaughter in the end is whither ran in one direction? "ethereal child is covered shiver, thinking:" I never expected this old woman to initiate really angry, still somewhat intimidating. Speaking just why she had just lost her husband, lost his wife, and lost a son, and now and then lost granddaughter, listening to nondescript, but rather is a very poor way. "ethereal sub imposed calmed look, said:" Keiji towards that ran in the back door. "Yuan mother stopped roaring, murmured: "Do not, do not look for her she was Niangqin, I would bring her more than seven years, also arrived, but only to meet a biological mother? hateful, hateful, hateful too high fragrant this woman , my son did not want her, she also wanted to rob me of my granddaughter, and not allowed to. "She said this last time, is obviously excited tone gradually increased. Speaking of "allowed" word when the right palm on the ground mercilessly beat a record, then it shook the whole ground dusty, it is truly scary. Ethereal child touches jīng spiritual eye, along the Yuan mother looked right palm down hand in place, the hearts thump ground shocked to find that she was shocked to suddenly see the ground leaving a palm, it is my mother's palm print Yuan. It's amazing how people skill, ineffable. Ethereal child immediately think to myself: "finally encounter such an expert, or do not like to offend people. Seems that the two veteran Emei personally to resolve the problems that I had." One thinking about themselves Void child is a disciple of Master Both of these virtual character generation, after all, his own Shishu, killing the sins in the end it still does not light, the thought of killing, thought or caution, do not allow outsiders to have realized, immediately turned around and looked over the four weeks the situation, it is jǐng Ti look. What to know at this time, Yuan mother suddenly said: "You is not want me to do it that way? Do such a thing, after all, bad start." Yuan Yuan Hui mother listening behind the door towards ran, immediately got up and was about to move there walked, suddenly is stopped the pace, looking back to the ethereal child. Ethereal child really did not think she would tell such a story, and deliberately smiled, but did not answer her question, her mother saw to Yuan crutch waving hands towards the back of the head called virtual sub-liang, good virtual sub listen to this, is to know the meaning of her words, immediately scared face while bruising back just to see the Yuan's grandmother and his body hit the stick. People have long been Yuan virtual sub crazy like her mother scared silly, waiting Huiguo Shen Si comes, has seen tragic scene in front of samples: Yuan mother hands crutches clang bang hit on a good virtual child's head above, a look at the sight of blood spatter out, falling to the ground. Blurred her vision. Although already a premonition ethereal child, but to see it, it is still shocked. Consciously took a big step toward the back away, hurriedly exclaimed: "What do you do?" Yuan mother said: "did not do anything, just to help you bring these people to kill it, and now you and I went looking for a WY. "ethereal child think to myself:" She is doing just to let me take her to look for Keiji, or what the rest of the reason? "is just the man virtual sub curling the body, naturally distracted watching this scene, I do not know is scared woodenly, or simply not thinking, motionless, seems to be a fixed grid. Yuan mother packed up in the hands of crutches and saw blood all over the floor, said: "ethereal son, your wish has been completed, or go with me, if you dare to cheat me, Well, this person is your example, you but optimistic. "ethereal child listening to this intimidation words, think to myself:" It seems today met the devil. "moment only reluctantly nodded, and turned around to see the person is imaginary child, thinking : "She then why not kill this man?" Yuan will ethereal mother approached a child right arm caught, before this, there are escape responses ethereal child, but her mother had just a crazy look to see Yuan after would never escape the plan,Oakleys Lifestyle Sunglasses, after all, not her own opponent, do not annoy her, which led to his room without turning. Ethereal mother of the child in front of Yuan, the two slowly walked toward the back of the hall, Yuan mother in the back and said: "This left a nun, according to seniority be yours Shishu, once you die, She can also inherit Emei head of large spaces, I cried like this trick thorn in the back of the meter, you must be in doubt that a nun why I want to stay and not to kill, is to let you know that she also saw what happened today, is that you in cahoots with my testimony, as long as you do something nice for me, I will take you back to the time of the stone thorn pulled out to go. hehe. "ethereal child listening to these words in front of the heart shiver: "Who says she was crazy, her mind than anyone else jīng that intentionally left for me a troublesome, causing her convenience. Well, good hearted vicious." vicious remembered the word, when the child is not perceived ethereal is among the souls of the dead child in retrospect. Ethereal child is heart could not help but sigh: "Why is he met the people are a more than a cunning it?" (Seeking recommendations, seeking collection, seeking a reward, seeking clicks, sign-seeking, seeking evaluation. Thank Xie Cai Cai gratitude.) <
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