Qin Luo suddenly stood still

November 06 [Tue], 2012, 10:22

Cattle bb novel Read recommended equally good-looking novel and warlords magic Princess too difficult to chase entropy Princess inferior Princess concubine gold medal? chapter, elopement! Her voice is very soft, very light smile on her face, but gives the impression of her front too reticent too cold, and arrogant, a comparison of the two-phase, so this soft light and still feel brilliant Revitalizing. () Wenren Moongraze told painting Buddha head trimmed with a circle around Phnom Penh like she Qiaosheng Sheng standing where Qin Luo will be her glory shrouded, but also all of a sudden become the audience attention exist. No one can think of the why Wenren Moongraze active chasing a man came to the corner, and never appeared to show her smile. And no one thought she chased the little guy is a previously ignored. To know, just lead the introduction of Sir Ho, she was faint and everyone greeted. Now, why she made so 'outrageous' things? So the identity of this man is not worth pondering some? Those net worth a lot of money, the the famous person Moongraze quite a good impression young dudes a broken heart. This is not to enter a state of war, somehow lost the battle? Introduction Cheng Huan heartbreak then broken, it is best to ashes. The woman does not like his own fancy, This is worth mentioning. But she was chasing to just own sarcastic insult was only a lot, and also ready to 'teach him how to behave' opponents, which is not public people make up their faces? His face burst blue burst of white, eyes burning is not, the idea began to become Yinhen pernicious together. Foreign land confidant, but also one of life's great joy. Eyes inadvertently swept from the of Chen Si Accompanied Qin Luo arm parts, Chen Si like touch electric hand drawn quickly back. Until now, she really remembered the woman's identity. Last Yanjing trip, she had seen in Allure international her once. Just when she vain Prostitute, glamorous and noble, accompanied by another beautiful assistant and Li Allure around behind, hurried into the VIP box. In retrospect, was that glance only remember her unique temperament and people feel frustrated by powerful gas field, but forgot she goes on to use computer graphics portrayed pretty face. No one thought she would come to Taiwan, but did not think she would dress in a mermaid grand appearance this opponent, it really is so that life can not afford hint of competition in the heart of. Chen Si is also came to realize that until this moment, and Why He Ruoyu this VIP will personally call himself past. If the former, few once they circle inside the girls in your eyes? Asked after, only to find yourself the question how mentally handicapped. So many people staring at saying so there is no nutrition topic, in the end how to boring? Should also talk about how the international news economic and political class on the topic, and then bad must talk about Chopin, Mozart, Van Gogh Picasso, Cezanne Fortunately, he did not ask, 'do not you eat' such a stupid question. Qin Luo looked up to see a step on confused handsome guy standing next to, and looked at his gentle smile face wearing a tall and straight face. Or hand and he shook. Point of view in the past, from his smile like a bad person. At least, at first glance, not skanky. Qin Luo That the invitation came to join a reception along the way by Chen Si very praise some of Taiwan's young Junjie on the number. If not, animal husbandry the month Miss reminded, I do not know Mr. Chin came to Taiwan. slightly to play host. Cheng Huan standing next words, looking at and how Sir He Ruoyu as well as a group of political and business elite of Qin Luo had a good talk, and my heart Baigan communicative. They have not read their own one from start to finish, even connected to the forward runs sentence courage. Stand where almost just like a transparent person Canada Goose Expedition Parka. He just pressed Qin Luo 'Do you know that you speak and who do? Do you know where you and I speak to 'this problem, this time in retrospect, his face kind of burning tingling. A successful person, the most intolerable thing is to be ignored. At this time, the venue of the music rang. Pairs of men and women holding hands into the dance floor, The famous person Moongraze refused the invitation of a few people, watching the Qin Luo asked: He never learned this. Him this body robe it is not suitable for running play tease. Say hello and famous person, animal husbandry month, they Ana scene walked away. Two out of the hall, went straight in the side of the small park. Where the peace and quiet, a place for walking chat. , Qin Luo sighed, and said: How she is the canary in it? Her like an eagle soaring nine days outside, she can be the same as the dragon Fan Zhang cloud cover rain too much that she can do, and how likely is a canary? It than as a canary, then it really is not suitable. Famous person Moongraze nodded, and they no longer speak. Taiwan's weather is sunny and warm climate Triplet UGG. Walk in the fresh air in the garden, surrounded by beautiful companionship, it really is a very enjoyable thing. Of course, if those around tailed words. Sometimes, the protection of well-intentioned, in fact, life is a kind of injury. Short life, you will want to miss too much of too many people the landscape too many snacks as well as a lot of raw ** experience this is the biggest regret in life. Suddenly, Qin Luo suddenly stood still UGG Kona, looking at the eyes of the famous person, animal husbandry month, asked: we? He suddenly wanted to take a look at the girls with this life was being detained curse walk out. Yanjing, he certainly did not have this opportunity. But in Taiwan, he was able to do it. Famous person Neumel Short UGG, animal husbandry month brief hesitation, then, they nodded and said: This thing. Woman to learn how to make a woman. Neither is indecisive figure, do not like clear-cut. Now that you have decided to elope, the first thing to do is to get rid of bodyguards and aides around. If you let a famous person UGG Felicity Wedge, animal husbandry months personally give them orders, they certainly would not leave. Ma Yue did not dare so faire lady out of this heavily guarded mansion. Qin Luo grabbed a famous person, animal husbandry month, two body tightly hugged. Then the actions of the two men began to upgrade. In the dark shadow against the lips of the famous person, animal husbandry month, Qin Luo kissed in the past. Ma Yue dull moment, and then quickly gestured bodyguards waited around back then back, to give them a little affectionate space wise and great lady. The Qin Los Miaodao the Ma Yue of action, and then walked inside go out into the conspiracy tribal arm around a famous person, animal husbandry months. It can not wait to rush to solve ** satyr-like. Sure enough, this is not close to Ma Yue. Qin Luo also no longer a show, he bent down to lift the skirt of the famous person, animal husbandry months, under cover of the bushes, took her hand door ran forward from the side of the road trail. They breath and ran to the door, and this slowed down and stopped. Qin Luo's hand holding the famous person, animal husbandry month, two dignified and refined personable swagger from those guarding the front of the door to go out. Just let those bodyguards strange why these two guests with car did not open? Are they ready to go down so it? Their sight steering Wenren Moongraze long skirt behind, his eyes even infinite compassion. strongly recommend everyone to see!) ready to rest? President only joy does not love looking door lady concubine strongest Queen's scared of China first-class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult to obey first pulled the little Princess devil darling Merry Missy sake of the child with husband

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