Short stories: Conflict

September 20 [Thu], 2012, 10:31
One night...
I could never sleep when he wasn't lying next to me; I had become used to him. It was 4am and he still hadn't come to bed. His side was still perfectly ironed and untouched. I wondered what had kept him, so I got up and went downstairs. As I walked into the living room the first thing I saw was his face. He wasn't expecting me to be standing in the doorway. Shocked and embarrassed he jumped off the couch. That was when I saw her, waves of fear and panic simultaneously running across her face. She was anxiously trying to cover up although she couldn't decide between moving her skirt down and buttoning up her shirt. He was confused, he didn't know whether to run to me or keep away so he did neither. They were awaiting my reaction and I was no longer in control of myself. I was floating above this nightmare, watching from a safe distance. My soul had been evicted from my body as it became inhabited by a vengeful rage.

I saw the figure that was once mine lunge towards him, picking up whatever she could to evoke the greatest possible pain to his body. Tables and chairs were flung aside as she ran towards him hoping that her whole body weight would provide her fists with enough power to inflict even a fraction of the pain that she was sure was going to follow. She wanted to hurt him as much as he had done to her. She was going to feel the pain in due time but for the moment she enjoyed the rage; it delayed the next step in the process.

He knew not to try to stop her so he stuck to protecting his most vulnerable body parts. He closed his eyes and tried to keep out of her way, away from her. She would run out of steam soon, this he knew for sure. Although at the moment he was happy to let her continue as her rage gave him time to think; what could he possibly tell her when the time comes? When she gets tired of punishing him physically how can he explain why he had done this? She was sure to ask and he would need to give her reasons or at least a reason, even though in that moment all of them seemed petty and insufficient. Seeing the strength of her emotions and how he had clearly caused her such heart wrenching pain and turmoil his actions became unjustifiable in his own mind.She was beginning to slow down. She'd run out of furniture to demolish or relocate. More than anything she didn't really want to hurt him, the realisation of the extent of her love for him was beginning to weigh her down. She'd stopped, heart racing, chest pounding, staring.
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