2005年05月09日(月) 23時59分
We 23 members of mountain climbing club went climbing to Gozaisho. There are a lot of azeria(Akayashio) all around the mountain. There is also a ropeway service. so anyone can reach the top of the mountain. I did not know this is a rocky mountain until I climbed near the top.
A lot of huge rocks were here and there, which makes gorgeous landscape.
I love these mountainranges.
After the rocks, there are banboo leaves, alpine flowers, beech tree leaves, falls, etc.,
we all kept on shouting with joy. After we climbed a steep rocky valley by grabbing tree roots, we found a beautiful green valley above it.
I took a lot of pictures and uploaded on my website. Please come to visit it. http://mountain.sakura.ne.jp


2005年04月03日(日) 11時03分
Last Saturday,(March 26th), we went to to Fujiwara mountain (藤原岳ー1125m))by pack tour of Kinnteteu Tourist Co,. It took many hours to reach the foot of the mountain, 3hours by bus. The mountain located near Yokkaichi City. I wanted to see the spring flowers there.
actually, the mountain was almost covered with snow, so we could not see a lot of flowers. But it was a good tour. Near the top the sky was cleared a little. The name of the flower is adonis?(福寿草)  近鉄のパックでバス旅行できました。やすいし、山のガイドさんがいい。でも冬装備でいってくださいね。アイゼン、スパッツ、ストックいります。標高差1000近いですので急です。はれていれば、360度の展望のはずでした。

hiking 六甲 

2005年03月01日(火) 21時21分
Hi, I did up load my website on hiking in Kansai area a month ago. I'd like to introduce my website to a lot of people. You can see a lot of pictures taken in the mountains.
It includes, Rokko, Oomine, Hira, Kyoto, Onntake, Yatugatake, the lake district in England, etc. It also tell the access to the mountains. anyway, please drop in at my website.
ハイキングが好きな皆様 山好きなわたしが、東おたふく山から始まったわたしのやまの日記を写真できろくしました。自然がいっぱいです。情報を交換しあいたいと思いますのでリンクなど張ってください。

so many websites 

2005年02月24日(木) 20時54分
I am so surprised, as I found so many English website about Japanese mountains.Can you guess how many? more than 50,000. Though I tried to make my website found by someone unknown, it is very difficult. So I am going to make my name cards with my address and website. What is distinguishing words to catch eyes of people who like mountains or hiking??? Please give me ideas.....


2005年01月23日(日) 11時02分
http://mountain.sakura.ne.jp/mountain%20climbing.htm にホームページをつくらせていただきました。写真を見て山がスキになっていいただけたらと思います。

home page newホームページ 

2005年01月23日(日) 1時56分
after all I put up a lot of pictures of mountains, and put up-loaded rinked Mai sensen's websit. Pictures talk! Please visit my website. www.mountain.sakura.ne.jp
please enter my page through 星野舞パソコン英語教室 リンクからおはいりください。へたくそで、未熟ですが、とにかく大好きな山の写真をみていただけたらとおもいます。


2005年01月08日(土) 21時18分
I and one of my friends went climbing rokkousann mountain.We started from Ashiyagawa station(Hannkyuu Koubesenn). a lot of people were at the station. They may excercise for winter climbing. we arrived at a little fall. then we reached rock garden, where you can see a boar(いのしし)family in the right valley. 30minutes later we reached Kazehukiiwa(wind blowing rock)風吹き岩 It is really windy there. the view from here is gorgous. The sea is reflecting. we used a restroom oin the golf yard on the way. soon we went up to Amagatooge(雨ヶ峠)。 we ate lunch here. then started climbing again. we sent down a little, then crossed the small rivers. after that, we had to cimb a little steep slope for an hour.then we reached the top of the mountain. we took the downroad called Totoyamichi(魚屋道)for arima hot spring. It cost 1000en to enter it.(有馬温泉簡保)  we took a train to go back to Sannnomiya(三宮) The subway is very convinient, but cost 900enn. Sannomiya was crowded with so many people to see the light festival on the last day. we waited for an hour to see the lights. Its so beautiful and touching. many people were killed here by the earthquake 10 years ago. I praed for those people.


2004年12月24日(金) 23時01分
on 23rd dec,, we went hiking to the west area of Kyouto. we get off the JR train at Yamzaki( next to Takatuki,). the firt peak is Tennouzann,( the place has an interesting historical story) then we passed by Yanagidani temple, went up the steep path to Shaka dake. suddenly a fine snow came around. until then the sky were blue and clear, very wonderful weather. I was very much delighted. this is the first snow in Osaka. we arrived at the top of ponponyama around 13:00/
the way back was rather long. at Honzannji, I ran into one of my friends, Kannchann
. It's really a small world. we took a small path to Kabusannjiguchi bus stop. this is my first time to take this course. the total distance we walked was 14kilometers. It was a very good excercise.

home page 

2004年12月15日(水) 22時22分
I am trying to make my own home page, but it is tough for me. First, I cannot file my pictures in order, second I can't remember where I filed my pictures, Thirdly, I can't find out the pictures I filed, Besides, resizing is not so easy.
I took a lot of pictures of mountains I climbed. So I want to show them on my website, such as Rokkou, Higashioodai, OOmine, Onntake, hakusann, etc. Both in Japanese and English, I'd like to introduce those mountains. Recently, I have to try hard to find peers to climb with, too. Those who go climing mountains alone, please contact me.


2004年12月06日(月) 23時54分
A big earthquake hit Kushiro again tonight, just now.
One of my friends moved to Kushiro, so I am worried about her. Last June, I flew to Kushiro with two of my friends. She took us to Akkeshi, Kirisappu, and Kushiro marsh land. We were so much impressed with vast nature remained for thousands of years as it is. we watched many wild flowers there,came across a wild deer couple, heard of alarming voice? of crane. I hope there is no damage in those areas and to people there, of course. My computer teacher came to me and taught me why I could not reach my yaplog page. Can you guess? I did not erase the old password when I enter my new accessing. that's all for tonight. Good night, readers, if any.
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