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Ancient Fake news!
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Since it's told from a biased Christian perspective, it probably won't be an accurate adaptation. DarkMatter's version is still the best.
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Here you are THREE Reasons from the many WHY the Quran Is THE WORD OF GOD

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So? Who's playing Delilah? That's the part of the story people will pay to see?
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هذا الفلم كفر لأن فيه تجسيد للنبي داوود عليه السلام
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Hollywood dont. Consider isreal was black skinned that whole area was black skinned movie not true to life ..i love sci fi better . at least we know its made

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The tribe of Yahudah, was Hebrews who were black not Jewish or Caucasian. The white washing of historical facts with frictional character is for white supremacy.King David described himself as smoke on a bottle .. Judah was Black unto the ground..
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Movies are movies. The fact that a small conquers a big man is the testement of the Lord. The first shall be last and the last first. David had God on his side with his faith in hand and soul. The Bible is the greatest book on Earth and goes back thousands of years showing us the Greatness of Faith in God. David was just one vessel God used to test our faith of his power for goodness. This is what happens when man is left to his own ways testing Goes ways.Amen.

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Samson was black with dread locks seven of them this is just as phony as all of the other movies these people have made from the ten cammanments to this movie . they just want to say they were these people so bad.
Its real story
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They should make a movie show about David That'll be some hit

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It's bible real story
Abu-Lahab died after 10 years from the revelation of Quran 1111which prophesied his death as unbeliever..
I'm pretty sure it's about close oh david knocked him the ..... out 😂😂😂😂😂 comedian hour u know how they mock Christ in 50 percent of music and movies in the end he still got knocked the ..... out🥊.
Entah kenapa sya kurang suka dengan alur cerita ini Krna terlalu banyak kebohongan. Krna yg sebenarnya palestina itu yg ditindas. Dari dulu smpai sekarang! Dan kenapa palestina di sebut di situ menyembah berhala? Padahal dari jaman dulu smpai sekarang rakyat palestina itu islam Sya selaku pemeluk agama islam Merasa sdikit kesal krna alur critanya penuh dengan kebohongan Satunya kebenaran adalah tentang crita mengenai samson yg mempunyai kekuatan / mukzizat dari tuhan ( allah).

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God never leave His own
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A Quiet Place
Just to let you guys know I was at the Pre-screening it's an awesome movie, very family friendly. It is Biblically accurate and will bring all the Sunday school teaching to life for you and your children. It is not a boring movie at all. It is action packed and you will understand the real struggles for Samson just as it is for us today. I dont want to give it all away. It was a blessing to have the opportunity of a Presreening.

the northern kingdom of Israel is scattered throughout these countries as it states in Isaiah chapter 11 Assyria, Egypt,Pathros,Cush, Elam,Shinar, and Hamath while the southern kingdom was scattered throughout the four corners of the earth..
How about making a move Who is Jesus from the Bible:
Abu-Lahab shouted with a loud voice Perish be you ... For this you gather us!
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The Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines

Jesus KEPT receiving what to say to others from God ! (Revelation 1:1)
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Oh!!! but not a real Samson.
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