Stores like Old Navy and Target supply more red

July 04 [Wed], 2012, 10:38
As Americans head out for Fourth of July fireworks and backyard barbecues today, their wardrobes will also be showing pride.

"Using the flag (in clothing) is more apparent during patriotic holidays, like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day," said Bet Tucker, a saleswoman at Helen's Ladies Specialty Shoppe in Winter Haven.

Stores like Old Navy and Target supply more red, white and blue clothing, often using the stars and stripes throughout the summer for people wanting to wear their patriotic pride all season long.

Faye Doppelheuer, owner of Babe's Shoes and Apparel in Lakeland, says the need for American colors starts in May.

"It starts with Memorial Day and continues until Labor Day," she said. "Customers will have events during those holidays where they will want to wear red, white or blue so they can show pride for their country. Sometimes we'll have customers who want more glitzy clothes that are decorated with rhinestones and there are people who are not as glitzy who are going to look for just plain colors."

Doppelheuer said there has been an increase in the demand for American-themed apparel this year because of the upcoming Olympic games in London.

"There's always a reason why we choose to wear the colors of the flag, and this year I think it's because of the Olympics," Doppelheuer said. "We always tend to have more pride for our country when big events are going on."

Some people have a tradition of buying American flag T-shirts every year.

"My family has been buying American flag shirts for eight or nine years," said Amber DiBiasie, 33, of Auburndale. "I like to wear them to show patriotism."

Even after the holidays are over, DiBiasie said she wears her shirts year-round.

"I have some (American flag) shirts that I've been wearing for almost 10 years," she said. "I wear them all the time."
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