GHD NZ to move the body

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 12:36
My brother, I understand! East heart thunder urgently: but, my brother, where are you? I go and pick you up to., said: Well, I will contact you later tell the girl home address again, the heart of the east mine will certainly catch up with in the first time, and the killer may also secretly track and come, for the girl's life after leaving doesn't want to because of my own relationship and implicated in the innocent.

Bad guy, bad guy and the principle of. hang up, turn around, found that girls were staring at her, eyes full of slowly sat on the bed, under the ass soft feeling that xin could not feel comfortable feeling tired and weary, like flood swept on, not to mention the strength, eyelids are getting heavy. Really want to comfortably sleep ah! xin is man, not God, toss for so long, and suffered heavy losses, good physical strength also to said softly: what do you want to know, ask!

The girl heard this, also cannot help again, thoroughly to remould oneself mouth asked: someone wants to kill you? GHD NZ to move the body, in a more comfortable position, said with a smile: want to kill me, always has a lot of. The girl staring eyes, asked: why? xin interesting to look at her just now. A straight, without a good look at her, now watch carefully look, this girl is very pretty. Big eyes, curved eyebrows,