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February 04 [Mon], 2019, 7:30


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Best part was when Justin Beiber got shot up.


Only watched this again cause when they showed it before I thought I was high when they said Justin was one of those most beautiful people in the world..
I'm sure this trailer is cut up and the movie made to be more dramatic than historically accurate but I wonder how many believe the word freedom doesn't appear in the Constitution. It's throughout the Bill of Rights which is entirely part of the Constitution. I feel like this will be a bastardize version of actual history because the original movement was about equal rights but today's movement is about special rights. No new wave feminists are fighting where men's rights are lacking. On the contrary, they are fighting harder on treating men like a lesser species..

Armieeeeeee❤ screams in fangirl
Best show ever on Netflix
Pablo Escobar was the greatest of all time.
The main guy was in Boy in Strip Pajamas


We need some One Direction in this movie 😂
I am a HUGE Ben Stiller fan and even i think this is a bad film.
I like the African American kid. But he left me down when I realized he's a gay.
Wake me up when s2 comes!
I hope Deadpool dosen't get into Ross situation
Wish it was 13 not 8 episodes...

This movie was amazing


Lemme guess....husband cheats on her......plans revenge......takes an insurance and make it believe like the husband did it.....goes missing.....husband goes to jail....husband goes to jail??.....live happily ever after.

I'm excited about the film and I bet Felicity Jones will give an outstanding performance and one day get an Oscar. Best of luck, Felicity..

This looks like a lifetime movie ! But actually looks pretty good !🤷🏾‍♀️

the most ridicules and over the top movie ever i love it !! best part is (spoiler alert) Mugatu: really? Mugatu: you're asking me why i killed justin beiber !!

Lol, box office flop..will not even make what it cost to produce ! Will it show RG sleeping through hearings or just the sjw fiction ? Either way I won't be watching this garbage. She can't keel over soon enough..

I love the story


What A Genius& Hey, what's!up? giant ad hoc What do you think?.
I kinda have a crush on meave


i just finished season 1, and it was hilarious. I really hope they will make season 2.
I will be going to see serena van der Woodsen new movie i love her 😍
This movie was such a disappointment.
Hello Focus Features, why does it not say ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Felicity Jones ??? huh????.




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