Grabbing the attention of the people

April 27 [Sat], 2019, 11:28
Grabbing the attention of the people for the promotional purposes is not an easy thing. Especially when the people are preoccupied it becomes all the more difficult. There are some businesses that require the attention of the employees and working people for promotional purposes. This is why they use various means around the office areas to grab the attention of the office goers. You may have seen the posters and AV displays inside the office premises. But they don’t necessarily make the people stop – then what actually does? Would you believe that using the shoe shining machine could be a wonderful strategy to make people stop and actually watch the promotion for at least 30 seconds?
This is how it actually works. Imagine a tall building at a commercial hub which has a number of offices. Hundreds of people come in and go out every day. Since the building is high rise then it is quite natural that most of the people would use the lifts instead of staircase. In most of the cases the staircases also open to the lift area. So, people who prefer taking stairs for health reasons have to go through the lift area. Now we know that lots of people visit the lift area every day. Let’s talk about the shoe shine machine India. This machine works in a very simple way. It typically incorporates the rotating brush. The person who wants to clean the shoe and shine them will have to put his or her shoe inside it. The moment the shoe is there the sensors will activate the machine and the brushes will start rotating. At the same time the machine will emit the polish and cream.
This will give the shine to the shoe. The whole process will take about 30-45 seconds. So, how do we correlate this to the promotional strategy? Imagine this. There is a long, vertical neon display of the human height strategically placed at the lift area so that it can be easily spotted. At the bottom of the display is kept the shoe shining machine. When the people pass by it they notice it. There is some attention grabbing catchy line as well such as, "get your shoes shining in no time." A lot of people want to make sure that they are looking good at workplace. Therefore, they will not mind sticking their feet into the machine which in turn will give them shiny, glossy shoes. That actually adds some value. As above-mentioned, since it takes about 30-45 seconds to shine the shoe, the companies have enough time to project their ad or message on the screen. The person’s attention will definitely go there. This is how the shoe shining machine can be used effectively. The shoe shining machine that truly works! Get your shoe shine like the mirror with our shining machines. Take a look at the splendid collection at parking system Company
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