March 11 [Wed], 2009, 20:15
March 1, we graduated from high school.

we loved friends...teachers actually. ha ha

by the way, as you know "Time flies", right?
even it have passed 8 months already since i got Japan from USA.

this is what i saw from the plane.
Japan, upperside . California is under.

Hya ha!! 

June 04 [Wed], 2008, 5:37
Chao, guys!
I'm sorrrrrryyyy, I'm too lazy to put new article.

Probably nobody was waiting for this article accept Anock, ha ha but,
I'm gonna tell you how I have beeeeen.
I'm good, no problema, having a lot of fun with crazy friends from France, here and Jamaica! ha ha Doncha no?

Alright, last weekends were so much fun for me.
On saturday, I had my host sis's birthday party which was the longest night ever I've been. They invited 70 people to my house, had a dinner which was great Italian stuff, the band came over, listening, talking, drinking(not me) bla bla bla....
That party was so long, people started go home at 2 I think. maybe

At 3:00 the band started singing and playing again. I was sp happy that I didnt sleep yet. I love that band anyways. There is 2 boys, a vocal and a guiter which are college students. They have been together since last Aug.
They are not that big yet but, I like how they sing, and voices.
One of the member have lived in the state in Japan for 3 yrs.
I was so suprised and glad that his state was just next to mine.
Isnt it awesome? We are gonna keep in touch

They finished at 5:30 I think and whoever wants to go to the lake went to see sun
comes down but wait! outside was already blue. ha ha
Most of the people were so tired so only he and I went and we talked some and took a pic of the was pretty cool time, but we had to go back home
and then FINALY i slept

Sunday, Anouk's B-day party!
I was so glad that you liked a lot my gift which is Alphabet? of Japanese.
Dennis, how sweet you are! I like how Anouk talk and like to listen it.
She is such a sweet and clever girl. I realized about it again today.
anyways, Sweet 16!! Have a lot of fun this yr!!

Waaawwa! I got home that night at 11:30!
I got exhausted next day. but no problem, I really liked that weekends.

See ya!

p.s. i have less than one month left.


April 13 [Sun], 2008, 1:41
She passed out...


I'm having good days here and 3 more months to go back my country.
Isn't it crazy???

i'm still alive(2) 

March 16 [Sun], 2008, 4:23
I went to a Junior prom which is a big dance party at night last week.
It was great. I danced with my friend in school etc...
Everyone was so pretty, handsome and like hollywood star.
I wore my host sister's dress which is very beautiful and felt so happy.
The prom was kinda night club actualy but it was not nasty like last time that i went
to home coming dance party. We had a dinner, danced and talked.
My best friend, Stanka was there. that's why I was happy.
I'm telling ya! My best friend in USA is you, Anouk!!

Last night i went to the rock band concert with my friend from the dance club.
All the students in stage are from my school. It was pretty good and they were like almost American Idol. ha ha
You'll see tonight, Anouk!! May beeeeeeeee^^

I live with the Spanish kid. I'm learning a lot of things here.
He likes to play soccer and basket ball so we played yesterday.
He is pretty good!
The other day we made a curry rice for dinner.
I had missed my mom's curry so that was really good.

Of course I want you to try, Anouk! I'll make it for ya and your family!

See ya Momday! I mean Monday!

Don't worry I'm still alive!! 

March 01 [Sat], 2008, 11:54
First of all I apologize you guys because I'm really late.
So I gotta telling ya what my doing now!! yahhoooowara

One month ago, I visited to California
I stayed there one week. I wish I had some more times.

There were the other exchange students
from Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and Japan.
Specially I loved German in the trip.
Most of the people were very funny and really interesting.
They were very cool boys who were cute(wara),
girls are kind and we had a goooood conversation.
We're still keeping touch each other on line.

First 3 days I was in LA and went to Downtown in San Diego.
Sea world,shopping at night, Hard Rock Cafe,,, hotel.
Next we went to Hollywood to see how some famous places are.
Universal Studio Hollywood ,Disney land, Hard Rock Cafe,,, hotel.
Last 3 days? We were in San Fransisco!!
That was the main thing for me.
(I meeeean everythings were absorutely main but;)
Chinese town, Golden Gate Bridge, Car ride, walking around, some shoppings,,,
Final day at the hotel, we didnt wanna go to sleep because we wanted to be
together as long as possible. but "Time flys".
We had to go host house.

It was really really nice meeting them and to see how famous places are.
I had a good time.
My german friend told me "Hello Kitty" is cute! It's popular in Europe too".
I was glad then and It first time who she met Japanese.
We could talk about how Japanese teennagers are.
It was about relationship something like that.

I really loved California and people in the trip.
I miss thereeeee;;
I'd love to go there again as my honeymoon!! he he

See ya!!
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This is my special memory in NY.
I love here and my friends.
I hope all the people will be happy to see me!
Don't be shy, don't be afraid.
Let's go now!!

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