walking is not normal

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 4:25
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 147th chapter gave him where is the fat man ,gave me a he .
yes ,just kick brother ,is the fat, to cut off his ... ... ... ... In Xiao easy mind moving ,not far from the alley, suddenly came a announce clamour voice ,his brow furrowed ,suddenly .
Schoolmate Tang ,you run Li Ling heard the sound there ,at the same time look up ,saw a group of hand fruit knife or iron go forward with great strength and vigour comes more than 10 individuals, suddenly changed face ,suddenly pushed down fat road .
Tang Pangzi also cannot think of ,that water brother ,really brought so many people ,but come so soon timberland boots sale,see them go forward with great strength and vigour ,and a guy ,was suddenly scared up ,but saw Li Ling push himself ,how can he a man escaped, leaving her ?If he were to run ,the rascals and certainly not on her goodness of his eyes a look next to Shaw ,saw him voted to encourage eyes ,suddenly a strong courage ,stand on the shape ,Li Ling said , well ,we needn ,I am old .
.. ... He just wanted to say ,my boss is hit ,the rogue is absolutely not my boss opponent ,but he just when it comes to old words ,Xiao Yi was broken ,there has been no talking to Xiao Yi when Li Ling smiled , Lee students ,you two old classmates so long did not see the face ,not easy to meet ,have not talk to it ,besides, I also want to eat your craft ,how can you go now .
Talking to Tang Pangzi ,threw a express volumes .Tang Pangzi went to see come over ,Xiao easy it is to give him a chance, let him ,do not want to cause him to ,the heart cannot help but have deeply moved ,but at the same time ,but some worry ,in the right in front of her, the limelight ,good performance, it is a good thing ,but he can handle these hooligans ?It doubts ,suddenly feel Xiao Yi behind patted him ,he immediately understood ,Xiao Yi will assist him, his courage, he again took up ,he now for Xiao easy in kung fu skills ,has achieved the absolute worship ,one can take more than one hundred jin .
Kick ,guy Li Hanna ,kicked to kick off two bricks ,and his foot is like a broken leg like a few days ,walking is not normal ,taekwondo club that is said to play through Z invincible hand master Li ,is not his opponent ,what is this ? Fatso, really a didn run in his mind ,the hooligans have rushed in ,led by Tang Pangzi the just hit the water brother face fierce looking down .
You didn what I said ?Don appear here ,again I beat you to death ,you even dare to appear ,you want to have a death wish .Is it right? Xiao Yi determined ,Kara Ko completely let go ,to face fierce water brother insulting .
Good ,good ,good ,fatso, today I have made you ,my brother even white water mixed with his brothers in a threatening manner ,appearance ,did not see Tang Pangzi afraid of change ,kneel begging for mercy ,or to run away ,but hear down fat anti choke himself ,but also with the sarcastic tone ,water brother just feel like mad nostrils are burning, about to explode apart ,what is not said ,the direct wave .
Those with the water behind the gangster brother ,see yourself a man so big to battle hit the play, the fat man was yanked with two hundred and fifty yes, a pair of not to put himself in the eyes of appearance, also a heart uncomfortable to the extreme ,everyone wants to play draw die this fat guy see the boss ,waved the hand, the first two armed with machetes .
And next to a hand half reinforced guy immediately is hard to Tang Pangzi slashed the past .Looking at several of his men past water splitting ,brother ,gave a cruel grin ,fatso, I let you happy, make you bad mouth me today ,death of your child and his eyes ,as if has seen the Tang Pangzi body is blood Air Max 95 Womens Outlet,to hold the head roll over on the ground crying .
Ah next to Li Ling at several people with a machete chop down the fat man, could not keep the cover face ,uttered a cry of surprise .However ,as in all that ,Kara Ko will die ,even down the fat man, standing in the middle ,watched the two film colder machete and fierce steel to cut himself ,have been foolish to live, change happened suddenly ,the two hands ,all of a sudden pause ,soft down ,while at the same time ,Kara Ko also heard and hear Xiao Yi , fast hands ,grabbed the man steel ,hard suction that few people come easily heard Xiao Lei drink general voice ,Kara Ko immediately began to move Canada Goose Aosta,at the foot of big step ,welcome to the hand-held bar guy ,a grab bar ,forced wave, the reinforced grabbed ,to three human arm is a stick ,he smoked .
With the two as the machete landing sound, three rogue is almost the same time ,hold your right hand ,made a sound shaking heaven and earth to be called .This sudden change ,let all the hooligans was thoroughly shocked .
Just change ,just in a flash ,the three rogue suddenly punches ,just a moment ,all of people do not see how this is going on ,only to see Tang Pangzi as a providential seized the bar ,then the one person ,three personal smoke cry bitterly .
Who would have thought ,the fat man ,was so fierce that rogue head also has shocked North Face Women's GTX Jackets Sale, heart a drum ,but around to see so many brothers ,his heart, he created a clout ,gritted his teeth ,on his own initiative towards Tang fat man rushed past, at the same time the mouth had a sound , come on, guys ,do him ,the fat man is only a man, don rogue leader to move, let those shocked rogue return after God ,a fabulous face more grim ,the son of Tang Pang surrounded the past toward .
The original down fat see success down the three person Air Max Alpha 2011 Shoes Sale,is confident ,but see this suddenly came around 10 individuals ,suddenly some angry, some gaped up ,but in time, Xiao Yi again in the ears rang , do not be afraid ,a smoke their hear Xiao easy words ,Tang fat man spirits ,a pair of small eyes an excited expression ,raised his hands in a half reinforced ,rogue rushed forward, a ruthless pumping .
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