obviously barge Lu Chen's face

October 29 [Mon], 2012, 16:10

right?! that time location you set, I will fight went. In the morning, swept away the troubles just see Liu Chen Lu, become happy together again. She first has tidied Liu signature, and then after Liu left things arranged first, simply called Liu to the things you want to do full completed when the children will fall. Other things right after all, have to noon. Liu take a look at the watch, smiled and said: The cloud offered, Chen Lu smiled. Write Liu a, laughed: The phone is the mother received Chen Lu Chen Lu first told his mother he did not come home for dinner. Been the mother asked why do not you go home. Followed by Chen Lu look some tweaking, to quietly Look inexplicable Liu a, went out to answer the phone. Etc. Chen Lu back, it has been more than ten to twenty minutes. Chen Lu smiling. Raised his hands the phone: sell it! cloud, mouth child draw a curved crescent. They went out of the office building, Chen Lu suggested we go to a small restaurant called I heard that there's very exotic, and the environment is also very good. Liu nerve bar heard the word Who would have thought they were going down the elevator, but when I met SHI Yao hurried downstairs. The trio each other, naturally polite mutual nod. Shi Yao glanced Liu and Lu Chen did not say anything. Chen Lu touched upon when the fleet Chen Lu a red face, shy bowed his head. See this and other cases, SHI Yao frowned, looked to see nerve bar Liu Timberland Mens Cupsole 2 Eye, look look shy embarrassed Chen Lu, Shi Yao frowning, suddenly thought, no wonder that shortly before they want to tune Chen when exposed to the department manager, Chen Lu politely refused, said would like to exercise more exercise Liu around. Her spell, care about someone, ah! Positive thinking, the elevator coming to an end. The trio hurried out of the elevator. I saw a luxury Hummer parked in the doorway, a face handsome and capable man to lean on the side, smiling stone Yao facing down. Saw the man of the people wins, SHI Yao's face with a faint smile, Liu and Chen Lu call soon after, they got into the Hummer sped away ... until Humvee disappear, Liu was faint and asked: ah, Who is this man? stone total how he? the mouth unconsciously Chen flashing a smile: the nephew of the secretary. because the forces of their horses, so Ma Shaohua from childhood with the motherhood He we are pursuing stone total, and I see the stone total Man Italy he, they can come together only a matter of time. that was it! Liu knew, like Ma Shaohua this ** Moreover, outstanding character, SHI Yao and willing to help to help the Grand Canal to tide over their difficulties, no reason SHI Yao did not promise people. At least, Liu feel to this guy than Lin Tao, does better on too much. With the help of Ma Shaohua, leaving the Grand Canal these days, at least do not have to worry about what are the danger of the Grand Canal. Liu and Chen Lu at the house of a restaurant named The dining table can also be twenty-two cut off seems to create a the ambiguous taste of a couple between. Until you see to the restaurant for dinner, and the intimacy of the lovers are together Simo Timberland Euro Hiker, Liu finally feel there is something wrong. Feel themselves and Lu Chen to come to this place to eat, it seems that the status is not appropriate. But you want to go, obviously barge Lu Chen's face, only to sit down together with Chen Lu. Chen Lu both sit down, the waiter very good grace the menu and gave Chen Lu. Chen Lu Look Liu a Timberland 6 Inch Boots, see Liu nodded casually asked Liu taboos what point some dishes the waiter left, smiling with eyes watching from the Liu. Liu this felt awkward moment Chen Lu bold eyes looked more to feel a little uncomfortable. Liu looked at the whole body, strange asked: I just think your face is very interesting Northface Backpacks Sale, so he had been looking at you, how?, and I come to this dinner, you do not like it? may not like it? I remember your former can not be so nervous yo! contrary, when you also fearless, like a fool. has always been mature UGG Rosie Boots, can not behave like a fearless Erleng sub-ah!

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