Dominated the Orlando night left a magic of warcraft more broken the pieces

March 20 [Wed], 2013, 11:11

Yesterday, the lack of kobe Bryant and pau gasol of the defeat to the sun on the road, but due to the jazz also lose, Adidas Basketball Shoes on the same day the lakers can still ranked eighth in the list of the west, I am very happy to finally can in the face of fear on the free-throw line but for the lakers, won the game as much as possible, may be more practical than always see opponent's face.Bryant when asked about when to return to the game, lakers head coach mike d 'antoni is given a relatively straightforward answer, he said: "probably on Saturday." Beijing time on Saturday, Grizzlies coach unwilling to follow the spurs have a holiday, my players are young the lakers will be pushovers in eastern home game against the wizards, if can meet in the game back to kobe, no doubt can increase the lakers win chips. It is worth mentioning, after yesterday and the sun's game, the lakers will have time to rest for 3 consecutive days, this both for Bryant's injury, or the team fitness, it is very critical.In the away game against Atlanta, Bryant is the worst in recent years Cheap Has to be calm wade James say 19 in a row: the target is the champion Adidas Shoes a sprain. Near the end of the game, the lakers only 2 points behind, kobe Bryant to perform critical when administering the failed to put the ball into, when he landed on Jones' feet, and then God beast! Free throw curse has been broken the lakers win gave him the ball at the end of the game The heat level league record 19 in a row the lakers match OK era is not the case, very painfully directly back to the locker room after the game, the lakers team reporter mike Du Luer, according to Bryant's left foot x-rays were negative, as a severe sprain, then the lakers officials also announced a truce indefinitely.Besides kobe Bryant will return soon, for plantar fasciitis had a truce of pau gasol is also likely to go play in the lakers' game against the wizards, according to mike d 'antoni said: "Spain tower in today will accept ultrasonic testing, the lakers will have two days to see pau gasol training situation, if there is no matter, pau gasol is likely to return with kobe in this Saturday's game at the same time."Currently, this season's NBA (microblogging) (microblogging) has Adidas Shoes Tennis entered into the regular season finale, fight for playoff berth grew more heated, in the west, the record of 36-33 negative, eighth place in the western conference the lakers only ninth place in the western conference lead one wins, distance in seventh place of rocket is also a gap. If Dominated the Orlando night left a magic of warcraft more broken the pieces the lakers during the regular season last phase in kobe Bryant and pau gasol led by force, perhaps during a streak of zijin legion can gain better ranking in Paul led the five must guard the Ross less d on the list the regular season competition.

t prospective winner James, in small yan buckle, terry became the focus of attention. Although Lopez dunk cut three pairs of brothers rubio first terry embarrassed for a moment I Bryant wants to seize the five wins in a row with vestiges of warcraft war hawks pair became "background". But for their own the brilliant dunk (microblogging), The rockets wanted to revenge the SUNS can help book Howe and depressed James gave John terry a step down after the game, "the emperor", said: "the ball, I saw terry standing in that position before takeoff, but then I guess he didn't see me." But as supporting terry, but is holding grudges, he said after the game: "must praise the heat performance, at the same time, I hope the next game they all lose."In the present heat array, shane battier (microblogging) is the Adidas Shoes On Sale team's first blessing, also covered with rockets jersey and four years ago, will experience the 22-game win streak, together with team now in Miami battier and assist James and wade made 23 wins in a row. When he recalled the 22-game win streak, battier said: "we were really finish the performance with a bunch of role players, although when" combination "t-mac keep healthy at the same time, we can win a championship, but this has never happened.

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