The buddha statue of flight 

April 07 [Thu], 2005, 10:51

The buddha's name is "HIUN-KANNON". It belongs TENRYUJI temple in Kyoto.

I went to Kyoto yesterday. Kyoto is one of the most beautiful place in Japan. So, many people come from a lot of country for sight-seeing all year round. If you have ever been to Kyoto from now, I want you to go there and feel the culture of Japan. Maybe you will get a big impression from there.

I prayed a lot of things at many temple in Kyoto yesterday. Therefore I have no plan to do more in Japan.

A song connect a man with another man 

April 03 [Sun], 2005, 15:09
We met a duo singing a song in front of the Fukuyama Station when we had been waited my friend yesterday. They looked like high school student, and had been sung a song of YUZU. Their song was very good, so a few people stayed in front of them. We decided to join the listeners, and listened them song for a while.

They spoke to us as soon as we joined the listeners. They said "If you tell us your favorite song, we sing the song for you". And they passed us one book. The book was written a lot of song that they can play. So, we choiced an another song of YUZU, and listened to it.

At that time, a girl one of the listeners asked me a question.

"Do you like a song of YUZU?"
"Yes, a little. Do you like, too?"
"Yes, I like a lot. I like music very much. So I am doing the brass band in my high school."
"Oh, That's great! What a school are you going to?"

I talked with her for a while there. Of course, I just met her there for the first time, but we talked like friend. After a short time, another person joined our talk like same. And we connected as same listener.

A song connect a man with another man for a short time. I think the most important thing to sing a song is to connect the mind and another mind, in not to sing just better.

It's the cat's meow.

To notice a little change 

April 02 [Sat], 2005, 10:21
I talked owner of my favorite bar yesterday. He is running his bar although He is young as 28 years old. I had seen him a few times there, but I had ever talked with him. He was in front of me when I sat on the counter by chance.

First, we talked about ber musics, overseas trips and business tactics of this bar. It was very interesting each talking, but the most interest talk was "To notice a little change".

Japan is a very favorable country in the world, I think. Because Japan has four seasons. It means there is a lot of change. For example, we living in Japan can see to bloom many kind of flowers all year round. Like cherry blossom, rose, sunflower, hydrangea, cosmos and so on.
The thing like these flowers bloom at one place is not usually through the world. One place can only bloom a few flower through the year. The other place can not bloom even one flower. In fact, Japan is an appealing place.

However, most of the people living in Japan doesn't notice the value like that. Maybe I think, many people think usually about it. To think usually have a big problem. It means the people to think usually about the change can't feel the little change. Therefore, Japanese have been said that they have no character by many foreigners. It is very sad things as a people liveing in Japan having four seasons.

I want to be a person who can notice a little change about all things.
Include the woman's hair style change,,,

Djembe Girl 

March 29 [Tue], 2005, 14:36
I saw her in front of the art museum in Fukuyama about a few week ago.
I thought She was the happiest djembe girl in Fukuyama.
Because, Her facial expression was very funny,,,

I think smile make everyone happy.
So I want to be who give a smile for everyone all that time.
And I want to be laugh with myself.

It is very difficult in late years as a lot of crim and bad news, and so on.
But, we can change it if we have a positive mind against everything everytime.

Oh,,, I feel this sentence is too hot when I reread it now.
Pu, Pu, Pu,,,


March 28 [Mon], 2005, 16:23
She is my friend's baby.
She was born in Fukuyama just two months ago.
She was very small, but I felt the weight something about life of human and the other,,,

And she had very beautiful eyes like her mother.
Maybe I think she will be a beautiful girl in the future.

I hope she will be a beautiful girl like her mother, and get a good man like her father.

Flower Power Exhibition in Fukuyama 

February 18 [Fri], 2005, 15:47
I have a plan to exhibit in Fukuyama next mounth.
The exhibition is produced by note and many picture which many children draw will be displayed. There pictures have a theme to draw it. It is to draw for your most important person with your heart. Already we have 58 picture now. Each of them have strong personality.

If you interest it, please check here.
>> Japanese only.

Maybe you could be able to be healed your mind just to see it.

I attended at mixi off party in Fukuyama yesterday. 

February 12 [Sat], 2005, 17:52
I have a hangover today, too. Everytime I think, I am careful not so much drink because I hate the morning after. But I am drinking too much because I am enjoying to be there with many lovely people everytime.

And self-questioning next morning, everytime,,,

Anyway, I had a good time yesterday!
Because I could be friend of many people who live in Fukuyama. For example he was executive of small company, owner of music shop, fashion designer and junior chamber, and so on. I was glad to meet them.

I am able to meet them like this , what a good system mixi is!
I respect a man who made this system.

Let's enjoy Karaoke Game! 

February 08 [Tue], 2005, 23:29
I went to go to Karaoke Box with friend when I was primary school student. From the biginning, we assembled to announce the alumni association next month. But not so long time to call for my classmates, we immediately planed to play the rest of time. So we went go there.

First, we had sung a song normaly. But, after a period of time, I got tired of the singing a song. So, I suggested the new game to sing a song. It is a rule that the person to sing next have to sing a song which title's first is decided by previous title's end. And next person have to dicide next song before the person singing just now have finished to sing. It is very difficult to choice a song by the rule. Moreover, If the person can not choose a song, the person have to do shameful act. Therefore our tension was increased, and we could enjoyed still the end of time.

If you go to the Karaoke Box, please try it!!

I go to play soccer tonight. 

February 03 [Thu], 2005, 15:09
Thursday is the practice day of my friend's soccer team.
His nickname is Kakki. He is one of the good friend of mine in hometown. I have ever joined it twice with him since the last month. I think the team is good because most of member think to do themselves anytime. And, as most important thing, They enjoy to play soccer by themselves very much.

I couldn't be add the last practice for going to Tokyo last week.
So I will be going rusty today. I might be going to turn over when I am just playing soccer,,, I have to take care of myself not to be so.

at the very least, I wish air temperature would be warmer than now.

In children's clothing shop 

February 02 [Wed], 2005, 18:23
I went to the children's clothing shop with my mother today.
Because my cousin's wife gave birth to a child in the middle of last month.
They named their new family Hikaru. Hikaru is boy not girl like singer.

First, though we thought to buy his clothe, we stopped to buy that I didn't know whether they would like it or not.
Therefore, we decided to choice something to play.
But It is very difficult for me to choice the best it of all other toys.
There was a lot of toys like blocks, puzzle and car,,, I didn't know what to buy.
So we spent a lot of time there.

In the result, we chose a doll made of plastic.
It ring the very weet sound like small bell by shocking itself.

Anyway, I hope the baby grew up a charming person,,, like me.
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