How to Receive Payments Online

January 09 [Mon], 2012, 18:10

How to Receive Payments Online

Online marketers must have met the problem how to receive payments online. Why do they have the problem?

Nowadays if you do online business you must use payment platforms to receive payments. And there are three main platforms for you: ClickBank, PayPal and RegNow. But if you want to use them to do your business, this is not that simple. Before using them, you must build your products on them. Here comes the difficulty. Each vendor must know this. The payment platforms may provide vendors a guide book to guide you how to build the digital products on it. However, this guide book is not that easy to understand. If you have seen the book, you must know it is consisting of professional and complex computer skills and settings. God who knows that! Even you ask a specific computer technician to help, you can hardly complete that. And I think you have no need to waste that money. Then how can I tell that?

The best digital delivery system can solve each of these problems. Aiming to the difficult guide book, our computer technicians wrote a hand book to help you set up products on platforms, including IPN setting and thank you page setting. Compared with the guide book, our hand book is easier for vendors to set up by themselves. It is understandable even newbie can understand.

As to the magical sales management software, the most important function is sales management automatically. When a new order paid, the platforms will inform you the information and at that time you need to fresh your mail box and generate serial number or download link manually to send to customers. That is the original method. And now you have another easy way. The program can generate serial numbers or download information automatically and send them to customers automatically. Now you never be worried about not accept new orders in time or have no time to generate download information. Now even you are in asleep or in vacation the customers can receive their goods timely.

And in management section, you can imitate order generation process, edit or delete order information and search for special one item automatically.

It has other functions: sales statistics which can view sale status to forecast sales trend, members’ information which can manage customers’ information. Is it really useful to your business? What are you waiting for? Download it!

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