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July 16 [Mon], 2012, 12:29

China is big country of production and export of textile and apparel production enterprises is increasing, a more strict dress certification test should be given high priority. More and nike air foamposite one more companies recognize the certification test can really improve product quality and brand reputation to expand market share, improve enterprise efficiency. Now several foreign textile and garment logo certification testing as outlined below: Needle Detector logo certification test due to poor management of the production process, clothing and other quilting products, there is often residual Duanzhen exist. In the 1980s, due to the clothing residue the Duanzhen consumer harm caused by the frequent occurrence, which prompted the Japanese government enacted legislation consumer protection laws to strengthen residual Duanzhen the control. Under Japanese regulations, production, distribution of products are subject to residual Duanzhen exist, its producers, sellers will be severely punished, but also for compensation such as harm to consumers. Japanese apparel importers in order to avoid causing economic losses due to residual broken needle, not only require manufacturers to products manufactured before the needle detector, also set up the seized goods factories needle detector work. Qualified products by the needle detector, suspension or affixed to the pin detection flag. "Q" mark certification test "Q" mark is the mark of quality products. Instead of consumer products, a comprehensive examination, has extensive experience on fiber women griffey shoes products inspection, impartial third party products plus more than a certain standard of facilities "Q" mark of quality to achieve. "Q" mark the relevant rules of the Management Committee, the administration of the labeled product inspection conducted by the inspection agencies of the fiber products. Check the contents of: a fabric with or without defects, cutting, sewing, accessories and finishing is good;, size check, check JIS ken griffey jr shoes standard, JIS standard products that are not checked by tag; Third, performance checks, check The fabric color fastness and wash size changes; processing enema to check for harmful chemicals;, mark check, according to the quality of household goods notation check tags and their content is appropriate. "Linen mark" certification testing "Ma mark is prescribed by Ma Textile Association, Japan Association standards, is recommended so that the consumer confidence Ma products imposed by the quality assurance mark, with the word "hemp 100%" or "hemp blended" tag. Many varieties of hemp, exert marked clothing only ramie and flax "two, the mark certification test also provides a mix ratio of the standard. Wool mark certification test pure wool mark owner - International Wool Secretariat was established in

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