2004年11月10日(水) 15時25分
holy molly, my arm's got some crazy infection. I burnt my right arm in two spots, one more on left wrist 2 weeks ago. I somehow put on something not compatible to my skin, or some wierd mutant got in my arm. So gross, my arm's really itching and freak show. I HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!!
Shit, but I had to go to a doctor. Just have him look at my arm for a min and write prescription, costed me 173 dollars cash. I have been good. I take those antibiotics twice a day and rub some ointment, even stopped my after work beer. And you know what? the little mutant got bigger and even the left wrist burn started to itch. Am I gonna turn into an alien from planet of lizards? We will see......


2004年10月26日(火) 14時34分
A restaurant kitchen is a battle ground for cooks. We're face to face with dangerous objects everyday. well, in short, cuts and burns are common and it doesn't surprise us very much. I burnt 3 spots tonight. that's almost stupid, dah. I can't use fresh aloe vera on my skin. aloe will give me rashes. the worst burn I've ever got is on my right thumb with hot oil. I was cooking venison(鹿), the pan holding the meat got tilted a bit and hot oil sprattered on my right hand grabbing that pan. It was unbelievable heat and pain. But I didn't drop the meat. I put it back in the oven, then screamed.
it was obviously a first degree burn, swollen like a tiny octopus on my thumb. It got too big and the blood wasn't circurating to the tip of my finger. I had to pierce open to get the water out
dude it was nasty.
Does anyone know how to get rid of the burn scar fast?


2004年10月24日(日) 4時55分
It's october, a chef friend of mine is having a oktoberfest , a German beer/sausage party. Of course she's making sausages from scratch. I admire her. I'm a lucky chef, who's been in a same restaurant for a long time. Hence I have weekends off. This is not normal for chefs who work their ass off. Long hours, hot kitchen, lots of stress and low pay. IF you want to become a chef, think again.
anyway, I was talking about oktoberfest. My friend's probably made 60 lb. worth of sausages expecting us pigs to eat them all. That's what happened last year. and great German beer, hm, maybe Belgium.


2004年10月23日(土) 5時43分
tired tonight and I can't sleep at all. I was crying for a while and that's why I'm so tired. I just don't know what to do. so I decided to surf on internet and found this site. It is NY time 6 am and I haven't slept a second. shit. well I write in English just because it's easy for me. but I am Japanese. well who the hell am I talking to. anyway I'm to write about my NY experience as a chef, a sous chef, precisely. I'm sous chef in a fine dining restaurant in manhattan. I cook everyday, under my chef. I am too tired to type now. that maybe I can fall asleep a bit.
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