Trouble is the opportunity

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 15:07
One day, the lion came before God: "I'm very thank you gave me such a terrible physique, so strong power, Otterbox phone case let me have enough ability to rule the whole forest "

God listened, smiled and asked: "but it is not you today to find my purpose! It looks like you seem to be bothered! "

The lion lightly rants, said: " God really know me! I come here today is to ask for help. Because although my ability is good, but every day, I will always be a cock crow to wake. Oh my god! Beg you, Claire Hsu don't let the chicken in the morning call! "

God smiled: "you go to the elephant, it will give you a satisfactory answer. "

The lion run down to the lake to find an elephant, Claire Hsu elephant is angry to see straight stamp.

Lion elephant asked: " Why are you so angry? "

Elephant shakes his big ears, roar: " there is only hate mosquito, get into my ears, I itch to death. "

The lion left the elephant, secretly thinking: " the original figure so huge elephant, still be afraid of small mosquitoes, then I have nothing to complain. " after all, the only once a day, Protective Case and a mosquito is every hour and moment of harassment of the elephant. Thinking of this, I can be more fortunate than his.

The lion walked, while looking back at still stomping elephants, thought: " God wants me to have a look the elephants, should want to tell me, who are in trouble, Protective Case and God cannot help all people. Since so, I have to rely on their own! Anyway, since as long as the crows, as chicken is to remind me to get up, so think, still be to me some of the benefits "

An obstacle, Otterbox phone case is a new known conditions, as long as you are willing to, any obstacle, it will become an opportunity to go beyond the self.
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Your imagination is amazing
December 26 [Wed], 2012, 17:37
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