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July 26 [Thu], 2012, 11:03

In the test, we regularly achieved download speeds of 7 MBit/s with an O2 card in a small town at Lower Rhine, a very good rate considering the region. ASUS F3U-AP099C Battery , Our results underline the 3G module's performance.The wifi module also works very well. A comparison with an iMac and a netbook - privately owned by the tester - showed that Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B achieved the maximum range and often still had a signal where the iMac and netbook had lost it.For fans of cabled communication, the Sony Vaio has a Gigabit LAN port available with a Realtek controller.ASUS M51 Battery

The Sony Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B is a multimedia notebook, but its docking station and pleasantly large screen will accommodate business usage as well. ASUS M51A Battery , Security is an issue in business, so the Vaio features the almost compulsory Kensington lock as well as a fingerprint sensor between the mouse keys.Like many current notebooks, the VPC-SE2M9E/B's scope of delivery is poor. In fact, there is only the usual paperwork and a quick start guide, power consumption specifications, instructions for the 3G module and a Vaio product catalog.ASUS M51Kr Battery , However, anyone who takes a look at the list of accessories on Sony's website will be overwhelmed by the breadth of offerings. There are cases, mice and keyboards to name a few. The docking station VGP-PRS25 and the sheet battery VGP-BPSC29 that doubles the total battery capacity, each for EUR 150 (~$193 USD), are especially interesting. ASUS M51Se Battery , A big maintenance cover on the bottom enables easy access to both hard disk and RAM. Other upgrades are not provided. If you want to clean the fan, you'll have to disassemble the case more than Sony probably intended its end-users to do. The fan is located above the keyboard between both display hinges.ASUS M51Sn Battery

Sony grants a standard 12 month warranty. ASUS X70Kr Battery , It can be extended by another 12 months for free when the device is registered via the dealer. If you need even more security, Sony has additional warranty products in it range. For example, a one-year or two-year warranty extension will cost EUR 99 ($127 USD) and EUR 179 ($231 USD), respectively. Sony charges EUR 289 ($373 USD)for a three year warranty with on-site service.Like Sony's entire Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B chassis, the keyboard is black and merges seamlessly into the overall elegant look. ASUS X70F Battery , Sony installs a chiclet-style keyboard commonly found in slim notebook designs. These "chewing gum" keyboards are characterized by the fairly large gap between the single keys. These keyboards only need a low build which makes them perfect for slim notebooks. The key size in Sony's Vaio is a pleasant 15 millimeters. Only the cursor, degree and F keys are smaller. ASUS X70E Battery , A full-blown number pad is included with dedicated "Home", "End", "Insert" and "Delete" keys. The keys sport a clear pressure point and the key drop is sufficient for speedy touch-typing.ASUS S96JS Battery

ASUS S96JS Battery

Sony places additional keys with proprietary special functions above the F key row. ASUS S96JP Battery , In the upper right beside the power button, keys labeled "ASSIST", "WEB" and "VAIO" are found. While the "WEB" button is self-explanatory, the other two need a brief explanation. "ASSIST" provides the user with tools for troubleshooting and solving like system recovery. This button's function can be opened while running Windows as well as when the device is turned off. The "VAIO" button opens a number of hardware and software settings.ASUS S96JH Battery , On its right, there is a slider with the options "STAMINA" and "SPEED" for choosing the graphics card - so either processor graphics or dedicated card. We believe it is a very convenient function. Nevertheless, automatic switching via Optimus in current nVidia models is superior because the screen flickers for a moment with Sony's solution. The keyboard's LED light is also very handy as it enables hitting the right keys even in the dark. Additionally, the mixture of white LEDs and the midnight black notebook is an eye-catcher.ASUS S96JF Battery

The black touchpad is quite large at about 95 x 55 millimeters. ASUS M51Sr Battery , The surface of the touchpad supports multi-touch use and allows precise gesture control with clear borders. Both click keys can only be accurately used in the outer areas. The key drop decreases toward the center and the feedback can become unclear. After routine use, however, this is a non-issue for the user.The high-end impression that Sony Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B makes with its case continues with the screen. At 15.5 inches diagonally, it is suitable as a multimedia machine and also looks good in business environments, ASUS M51Ta Battery , which is particularly impressive considering the moderate weight. The native Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels virtually calls for multimedia use such as BluRay playback.The non-glare screen is almost shunned in the multimedia category because it does not reproduce colors as brilliant as its glossy counterparts. However, glossy screens often exaggerate colors to undesirable levels. We also appreciate a matte screen all the more in a device with such a vast application field.ASUS M51Tr Battery

Our lab measurements also confirm good screen rates. ASUS M51Va Battery , The average brightness is 238 cd/m2 and should be enough for even brighter surroundings under mellow sunlight, like on a terrace. The pleasant, homogeneous illumination of 87% decreases strongly in the lower left corner, although this will only be noticeable by the most perceptive of users. The black value of 0.41 cd/m2 is agreeably low and leads to a high contrast of 622:1.
Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B reproduces colors and gray shades well. The colors look quite natural and do not have an overlying color. ASUS M51Vr Battery , The black value is very good and results in a saturated reproduction of dark movie scenes or picture areas. The high contrast contributes to this effect. But we also have to criticize the Vaio's screen a bit. The sRGB color spectrum's coverage of nearly 80% is satisfactory, but the screen wastes a lot of its potential since a large part of its color space goes beyond the limits of the sRGB standard. This is particularly evident in the yellow range. ASUS S62 Battery , We used Acer's TravelMate 5760G-2454G50Mnsk for comparison. The Acer plays in another league with an sRGB coverage of 88 percent.

The Sony Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B's low weight in relation to screen size and the non-glare screen speak to its mobile outdoor use. ASUS S96J Battery , Although it does not achieve an extremely high brightness and you should avoid direct sunlight when possible, Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B copes well in all other cases. Moreover, since the maximum brightness is maintained on battery power, the adapter can be left at home or in the case.The screen's virtually flawless presentation finds its pinnacle in excellent viewing angle stability. ASUS A1 Charger , The IPS screen built into Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B does not show any weaknesses on either the horizontal or vertical plane. Even in extreme angles, the colors remain stable to the largest extent though the contrast and the brightness weaken a bit. The bottom line is that this model provides first rate display performance. Several viewers sitting at different angles, will all have a perfect view of the displayed content from this screen.ASUS F7 Charger

ASUS F7 Charger

Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B is powered by a dual-core CPU that is still nased on the Sandy bridge architecture. Asus F7000 Charger , Nonetheless, the Core i7-2640M is extremely fast and was one of the fastest dual-core notebook CPUs until the end of 2011. It has a base clock of 2.8GHz and, assuming favorable thermal conditions, the CPU can achieve speeds of up to 3.5GHz on one core and 3.3GHz on both cores via Turbo Boost. The level 3 cache of 4MB is also quite high. The TDP of 35 watts, however, is not energy-efficient. Asus F74 Charger , It reserves the Core i7-2640M for larger multimedia notebooks rather than ultra-portable devices. In this case, we believe it is perfect for Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B.We analyzed the Intel Core i7-2640M CPU in the Vaio by using Cinebench R10 and R11.5. We tested the processor's pure performance in both single and multi-thread operation.The Turbo Boost technology worked perfectly in the tests. Both cores could reach their maximum clock in the single as well as multi-thread tests.Asus F7400 Charger

Results were as expected with Cinebench R10 records 9778 points in the 32bit and 11746 points in the 64bit multi-thread benchmark. Asus F7400B Charger , Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B 3.07 achieves 3.07 points in Cinebench R11.5 - also as expected. However, comparable devices such as Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 (NWK3QGE) were able to score as much as four percent higher in synthetic benchmarks.We evaluate the general performance of the system by using the benchmarks PCMark 7 and PCMark Vantage. Asus F74B Charger , The scores are based on how well the installed components interact with each other and on their efficiency. A fast hard disk, such as an SSD, can lead to considerably higher scores. We also look at Window's performance index, which uncovers potential bottlenecks.According to the benchmarks, the weakest component is the hard disk. This is not surprising considering that tlled drive is a conventional hard disk with a speed of 5400 revolutions per minute.Asus F7B Charger

The other subscores in the PCMark tests are not neither great nor unacceptably bad. Asus L7 Charger , The overall performance is very appealing for use as both a multimedia device or a business notebook.5.9Windows 7 Experience IndexProcessorCalculations per second7.1Memory (RAM)Memory operations per second7.5GraphicsDesktop performance for Windows Aero6.7Gaming graphics3D business and gaming graphics6.7Primary hard diskDisk data transfer rate5.9.
The DPC latency Checker shows no abnormalities in the form of red spikes. Asus L7000 Charger , The default drivers should not have any problems or adverse affects on real-time streams.The 2.5-inch Hitachi hard disk in Sony's Vaio VPC-SE2M9E has a capacity of 750 GB. It is a conventional HDD and is appropriate for our application field especially since a conventional hard disk fuses high capacity with a low price. The TravelStar 5K750 spins at 5400RPM and is easy on the ears at the expense of performance.Asus L7000B Charger

Asus L7000B Battery

This hard disk is an average performer. Tests with HDTune and CrystalDiskMark confirm the average transfer rate of 74.6 MB/s, a rate which is not exactly awe-inspiring. Asus L7000C Charger , The access speed of 20.5 milliseconds is also average at best. CrystalDiskMark specifies rates of 96.7 and 94.6 MB/s in sequential read and write.In brief, the performance is sufficient for the intended field of use. One positive of this average performance is that the hard disk doesn't annoy with loud noises or high-pitched hums.To tweak graphics performance, the user can switch between either the integrated processor graphics or the dedicated AMD Radeon HD 6630M. Sony installs a slider for this above the keyboard. Asus L7000H Charger , "STAMINA" enables processor graphics and "SPEED" activates the dedicated 3D card.The integrated graphics card is a "standard" card of the Sandy Bridge processors. The Intel HD Graphics 3000 can overclock its computing cores when necessary by using Turbo Boost. In terms of performance, Intel's HD Graphics 3000 is about on par with dedicated entry-level models such as AMD's Mobility Radeon HD 5450.Asus L7000G Charger , However, using the integrated graphics is not required for all graphic-heavy requirements. Playing DVD and BluRay movies also work perfectly with it.

When the user wants the greatest possible 3D power and doesn't need the extended Asus L7000D Charger life, the dedicated AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics can be enabled via the slider. It is a DirectX 11 capable midrange model with 480 Unified Shaders, support for Eyefinity+ and the newer UVD3 video decoder.Similar to the 5000 range, the 6600M series has an integrated HD audio controller that is capable of transmitting 7.1 surround sound via HDMI and Displayport.Games are definitely not the Sony Vaio VPC-SE2M9E/B's specialty, but that doesn't mean that it can't play a fairly up-to-date game every now and again. Asus L7000E Charger , The midrange graphics card quickly finds its limits in demanding 3D tracks like Battlefield 3. Older games should run without problems and even current titles are often rendered smoothly in low details and at an adjusted resolution. For example, CoD MW3 and Mass Effect 3 can be played on high detail levels without major losses. In return, Risen 2 runs only reasonably well on the lowest settings.ASUS S96 Battery

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