August 31 [Mon], 2009, 13:11
こんばんわ。Last night I was mizerable trying to sleep. My back is out of line
so it is pinching a nerve. It really hurts. I just don't feel good today. Today I used
my new rice cooker. I love it! I made Omurice. Oishii! I didn't think Ketchup
would be any good on it but it made a world of difference. I will make another
omurice in the morning. I hopeing and wishing to get better so that I can
get a job and be able to work. I need a job and money.

I haven't been practicing my Korean Language as much as I should be but It's okay. I just have to work extra hard to learn. I hear it's pretty easy language. The Korean
symbols are very easy to learn, but I still haven't mastered them. I need too.

I hope that tomorrow will be better. I'm not sure though, I have a funeral to go to and those are never fun or happy.


I'm sick. びよきです。전 질렸어요. 

August 10 [Mon], 2009, 11:24
びよきです! I'm in pain! My throat is so swollen and red. Ouch-ies!! Sleeping
doesn't even feel good.

My head feels like a balloon. I can't get comfortable.
I've been learning Korean. Kind of hard so far. I just haven't gotten used to the lingo of it yet. I'm used to Japanese more. I've been learning Hungul so far.
인생은 끊임없이 변하고있다. 내가 비록 좋을 것이라 생각합니다.


으아! 목이 너무 부어이며 빨강. 잠자는 아파요.
내 머리가 풍선처럼 느껴 져요. 내가 편안하게하지는 수있습니다.

'Lovelie' is here!! 

August 01 [Sat], 2009, 16:02
It's so wonderful that Miyavi's baby girl is now born into this world! I'm so happy
for them! Her name is 'Lovelie' and she is the reason of love! So cute!!

I've been practicing very hard to sing correctly! I've been trying to keep emotion into
it! Of course, songs need to have emotion! I let Jake hear me sing and he said I was
really good!

I can only hope the band and others think that same!

Also, I've been given 3 songs to put lyrics too. A lot of ideas are coming to me, I
just hope that I can organize them together to be a good song. I want to express
my emotion!

Oo, Jake bought me a cute Hello Kitty phone charm! I love it! ありがとう〜!

My friend and I decided to learn Korean. I wonder if my Korean will soon become
better than my Japanese... I'll now have someone to study and speak it with...

굿나잇 / おやすみなさい、みんあ!/ Goodnight /古コ奈特


July 19 [Sun], 2009, 6:54
Konnichiwa Minna-san! Today, I thought was "National Ice Cream Day' in USA. It is tomorrow, but today I
bought ice cream for me and some friends! I got a chocolate Malt! OISHII!!

Friday, July 17, 2009 

July 18 [Sat], 2009, 9:09
These realities keep coming when my dreams also
want the attention. Can you not mix these two up together? I wonder
, I just wonder how things will work out. I think of 'you' and I wonder to myself, how pathetic it got, between us. My heart has grown from the pain 'you' caused me. I think i'm just fine! I'm happy, even without you. I don't think I even now, could
think of what is to come between us. I just know..I can't let you have damage on me. Goodbye ...to the thoughts that clouded my heart and mind. I will always carry our memories in my head and heart. Until we meet again...

I think, I started this knowing i'll get hurt and possibly nothing will work out for me in the long run, but ...I'm happy. I'm seeing what I want to do and what I for feelings
for myself. I'm ready. I think as ready as I am goin to be. I gunna take on the
world. haha! I'm so lame! I just have the feeling it'll be worth it!

AWAKE - Satsuki

:*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: 

July 12 [Sun], 2009, 15:39
I had a fun time tonight. I drank beer with some friends.

I was able to talk things through with 'HIM' tonight too! I was relieved to hear some of the things he said to me. I see that he does care for me..as a friend. I at least
want to be friends with him,,,if nothing else! I do wonder if he'll ever truly like me.
I'm very tired of heart ach and broken heart!! I doubt he'll ever bring
himself to ever even admit if he really like a girl. I don't blame his stone heart for the
way it is. If my heart could be happy being made of stone i'd let it be hard and..stoney! haha! But it's not the case. I have a soft heart!
I do like him. I try my best not too, due to I know he'll want to leave me sooner or later. He'll leave me and then still want to be friends like my heart could handle it.

Maybe I should just stop where I am now?? I just don't think I can give up yet! I want his happiness!! おやすみなさい! 



July 04 [Sat], 2009, 3:53

I've been sick lately. It's not fun at all! びょきです。

This past week, I have been looking for a new job. I need the money for bills!

I've been enjoying my time with my friend. We have spent much time together. We are getting to know each other very good. I am happy for friends!{deco:otomedojo~46}

<太>Friends are always a nice thing to find. Friends are always hard to find!

I didn't write this in Japanese because, i'm not very good at Japanese. I can hear and understand Japanese better than I can write it. I've been lazy with learning to write a correct sentence. I will try to learn it more though!!

I am about to go to my sisters home, to color and highlight her hair. I love hair design! I am sick so today will seems difficult to overcome. I want rest.

I want to watch my new show/drama - 'Fated to love you'. It is a taiwanese drama! SO CUTE!!


I'm bored! 

June 06 [Sat], 2009, 5:06



'The Sounds' are the band I am listening too.

Hello! サマンサです。 

June 01 [Mon], 2009, 8:09




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