- friends -

June 02 [Wed], 2010, 7:25
Not long ago passed through this place, I had some problems to get in but everything has been sorted out and stop by daily.
My life is normal, and enter a high school , is not much, but occasionally has some advantages!, I also met new people, and I come over to friends who do not know well, and today to day are my best friends , that's very exciting and beautiful. I laugh with them every day, Monday through Friday, I spend all and every day with them, that makes me very happy. But not everything is hunky-dory, I also met people who dislike me so much!, That's irritating, but I must learn how to get along with them and see its positives.

- suck -

July 25 [Sat], 2009, 11:54
Hello, today was a great day and think that it will be tomorrow, that makes me very happy. Today many beautiful walk, and I did not know. Missing two days to go back to school, that reassured me, I am stressing here at home, I go out and build my new backpack

- funny -

July 24 [Fri], 2009, 7:19

Now buy the backpack he had commented before, it is very nice, is not exactly where I wanted to, is even better.
Today buy fortune cookies.
Today was a really great day, walk a lot and know locations that had never visited, I hope tomorrow and Saturay will be as entertaining as today.

- dentist? -

July 22 [Wed], 2009, 4:43
Yesterday was a very fun day
I could not buy the bag because ire at the center to buy a cheaper price and with more design.
I'm bored of the holidays, I just want to take my backpack and go to school is stressful.
Soon I will have to go to the dentist, I am afraid I do not want to suffer, my poor teeth ... but you better, so be sanitas and very pretty and shiny

- Natsukoi*natsuGAME -

July 18 [Sat], 2009, 8:13

Dance dance dance !

- wath's that? -

July 18 [Sat], 2009, 8:09
-> what's that? Provided condoms? (?) xD

- a new backpack for school -

July 18 [Sat], 2009, 8:06

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a new backpack for school, I have put together enough money to buy it because my parents and my older sister, I am very happy.
Also buy key rings and pendants to decorate it so nice, enters the school with style!

- I miss you -

July 18 [Sat], 2009, 8:01

The manga this being very nice, now that I've seen pictures of real manga I tried to do more or less similar when it finished I decided to send to a publisher, I hope everything goes well.

The latter I've been reading and drawing, apart from what I always do is listen to music. While I am enjoying my vacation I'm starting to miss my friends at school and sometimes I fear, but it's true. But on the other hand I completely get away from school and entering exams brings many jobs and too many boring.

- I'm very lucky! -

July 14 [Tue], 2009, 7:48

Today along with my brother saw harry potter, is a very good movie I liked, in fact became one of my favorites, one of these days I'm going to see harry potter 6 movie with my uncles and cousins, will be a nice walk

I am happy, it soon will be the first meeting of the An Cafe Fan Club, will be very fun.

Yesterday I saw a new video clip of them are relamente beautiful, I feel proud that I like, and I am happy to think that I know personally, I'm very lucky .

- Yesterday -

July 13 [Mon], 2009, 7:05

This is me, my sister went out yesterday to take pictures, the photo above is one of them, a park in front of my house, the evening is really nice because you can see how the sun goes down. It was fun, I hope to repeat one of those days.
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