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February 22 [Fri], 2019, 15:28
In recent days there have been several accidents on pedestrians in the region. To assume that crossing pedestrians in winter are more dangerous is wrong, says the police. However, the risk of accidents can be reduced through targeted measures by all road users.

In the last few days, there were several accidents on pedestrians' tracks in the region, one pedestrian and one pedestrian were injured, another pedestrian was severely injured.

Adrian Bugler, the media spokesman for the Basel-based police, says at biz's request that it can not be assumed that there will be more accidents on pedestrians in winter: "One factor that favors accidents is certainly the darkness, but there are other Factors that favor accidents in other seasons or that pose year-round risks. "

Therefore, police Basel-Handcraft refers to the following behavior in road traffic:

Foot / Children:
· As children learn mainly through imitation, parents should always behave correctly and in a child-friendly way.
· Walk on the sidewalk with the greatest possible distance from the road.
· Crossing a road: watch for approaching vehicles, clearly signal the intention to cross the road. Never cross the road with red. Also never directly in front of or behind a tram or bus, because the overview is missing.
· Pedestrians are difficult to recognize at night for vehicle drivers. Safety vest and reflective material make them visible at a greater distance.
· Wear bright clothes with reflective tapes, all-around visible materials. Reflecting materials on moving parts of the body, for example, sole flaps or bands on the ankles and wrists, are particularly effective.

· On the bicycle lights and reflectors front, rear and on the pedals (except racing pedals, safety pedals and the like) are required by law.
· It is best to use fixed lighting and static lights.
· Check their functionality regularly. Spoke reflectors or reflective tires provide lateral visibility.

Vehicle drivers:
· Make sure that the lighting is working properly.
· Adjust your driving style to the visibility and the weather.
· Be sure to keep things clear by keeping the front and rear windows clean. Snow and ice have nothing to do there.
· Keep enough distance to the front vehicle. Accordingly, the rule of thumb is to keep a distance of at least 2 seconds (21, 22 ...).

At the beginning of the year, the city council of Basel-Ronstadt commissioned the government to investigate the introduction of 3D pedestrian strips. A postulate that had the same goal was rejected by the Basel Land District. They wanted to wait for the results from Basel. The Basel-based police are also currently planning no additional special measures on pedestrian strips.
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