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July 03 [Wed], 2013, 12:08
> Probably had a plan in mind, no longer think in mine, or go step by step, and if that Li Xiaoli from Guilty Gear temptation, simply do not come to their own and other people, then everything is not planned use. Another point, today, a little sloppy, and went directly to the stick attack King City, the results do not say nothing, let themselves look exposed to Li Xiaoli know that such an action to herself, then it will become passive. Then, with the next step in the mine plan is temporarily not touch Li Xiaoli, first distract her attention is the most important, then the subsequent actions can be successfully many. Yu Lei let the fat sister and brother love you first enter the king of the city, waiting for their news. Yu Lei itself is not going to go into temporary King City,Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses, he wanted to do something that Li Xiaoli dispersion of attention, and the best way to distract her attention, that he left, to destroy another city. Let Li Xiaoli Wang does not know the city, so the next move is easy to progress a lot. Yu Lei go towards the south, riding a grass / mud horse speed is fast, and soon went to the gold value of the city. This city is the gold value of the most recent one from King City city, here in mine directly after it launched an attack on the city. To say that the previous king of the city to attack the system when compared to being beaten, this time successfully many, the sightseeing tour as out Jinshun Cheng, head seen in all men, all construction is to give all mine destroyed. When the gold value of the city into a pile of rubble after the mine to continue in the southbound passing came second city, Skyway City. The same or attack, what to see what the split, even if some of the blood of the players who came to stop, have been in a face to face boom of thunder are even the residue left over that. Yu Lei wreak havoc in the country stick things soon spread throughout the country, Li Xiaoli in King City is among the worried, for the courage to destroy their own country, whether patriotic or not,Coach Leather, my heart will be difficult to hate self-sustaining. Li Xiaoli in Skyway City eyeliner back again and again the message back. Let Li Xiaoli learned directly at Skyway City Thunder in exactly what has been done! But Li Xiaoli Although self-sustaining itself a powerful magician career, but her heart is very clear that, in the absence of King City Shoubing under the protection of others on their own right,Cheap Christian Louboutin Pumps, better said. But fame has shaken the world for the torpedo, but it is not the slightest chance of winning. But it also allows Li Xiaoli his anxiety slowed a lot, originally thought that the torpedo was directed at themselves, the first thing is to attack the king over the city, but now it seems, but it is his wrong, this guy frustrated attack King City . For not knowing and not for, even abandoned the attack on King City, he moved to other cities. By this point, Li Xiaoli can be inferred that the torpedo came into his own country, it is clear that for destruction! Although this gives Li Xiaoli also extremely hate hearts, how are in each other's goal is not to come for their own, which let the mind somewhat selfish better than many of her heart. Day along the city also became a ruin after. Yu Lei did not this close hand, continue south, you come to the third city. Light City. Ray is still played in the scenes, constantly destroy a city and one each to reach a city, there is surely ruins, it is worth mentioning that only he and farther away from King City, and at Ray's purpose is also to take advantage of This is, to paralyze everyone's nerves, let everyone know that they are being beaten because of King City, King City could not capture before he moved to another city. And other similar attacks in other cities, and also categorically will not return to King City to continue to engage in sabotage. Ray reached on purpose, at least in Li Xiaoli, where she had not worried at lightning can hurt herself, has not come forward to try to find the torpedo talk about, what to do to stop this destruction. Ray has come out in five cities. Farther away from King City, but when the fifth is the ruins of destroyed cities after the mine is on the altar of skills possessed by summoning a Chaos Ripper, and then use the chaos mirror skills. Is that mirror the skills of sublimation, instant separation of five figure, but also in the mine, leaving only one city to the next one, and he himself is quietly returned to King City. This chaos mirrored duration of two hours, we can say time is very long, and maintain 80% of the body's ability has been demonstrated in various mine meant, he wanted nothing more than diversionary Bale. Make their appearance in the mirror to go under a city, these messages through to Li Xiaoli ears, while he crept into the body is the king of the city, waiting in the wings, took her sixth piece Guilty Gear. Sure enough, in a city thunder avatar appear in the next message was introduced to Li Xiaoli ears, but she is also deeply troubling, no way, fight and fight, however, can only be left to each other in their own country destroyed. At a time in the mine, it is through the camouflage silk magic skills to successfully infiltrated the stick King City, the hotel opened in a player with fat and meet the boss loves your sister. In the room, the smile on his face in mine eyes, a smile can prove that he was very excited at this time, because everything is under control, and has the stick out of the country when the passive to the active, it touches Let Li Xiaoli this woman into a passive being. Yu Lei tapped boss loves your sister's shoulder, said to him: "Your sister Yeah, this can not be successful, just look at you, the next most important part, we need you to complete." Boss Love your sister was very happy to promise to come down and stand, even if it is dead, it's no big deal, as long as the bitter smell stick fan's face, his purpose was reached! Since the boss loves your sister does not have any comments, then everything is in accordance with the plan to carry out in the mine. First, at Ray's Guilty Gear is not tradable, he will equip three evil genus xìng are shared with the boss loves your sister watch three oldest love to see your sister were greedy Guilty Gear Ring, * The chains, and arrogance of the helmet. "It is equipped with three xìng you remember well, look Li Xiaoli, these three are equipped xìng told her, and then he said ......" Yu Lei will explain everything good, and so the boss love you at the side of the fat sister and listened to Ray's plan, serving him deeply, and this impressed he was by no means limited thunder Union boss, or method of calculating Li Xiaoli how the sè, but For this aspect of mine to take care of his brother, moved to be added! Think of all let love your sister and brother duo eyes fierce fat mans revealing. Sister and brother love you promised, if at Ray's plan really successful, in reality, open chain wedding company, he is certainly free to help organize an enduring wedding in mine! <
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