I'm in good health!! 

2005年11月05日(土) 20時33分
Today I went shopping with my mother and sister. My mother
had worried that my sister didn't have a mourning. At last she
found her favorite one! As I bought my mother a mourning
the other day, my mother bought her a mourning today.

I bought nothing today. I put all my heart into driving...?

My today's most important object was seeing the doctor.
I took a medical examination. I'm very happy not to have
any trouble. I want to say thank you to everyone that was
worried about my health.

Thank you so much!!


2005年11月04日(金) 20時57分
The title of e-mail from him: To a darling person

I am able to feel that our hearts are connected.

If our child is a boy, I want to name him 忍.
If a girl, I want to name her しのぶ.

Having a date with Kaeru 

2005年11月03日(木) 22時45分
I had a date with Kaeru after a long time today. Since he gave
me one day completely, I was very happy. We ate lunch at my
house, after going to buy alcohol for a congratulatory gift in
the morning. We stayed relaxedly and went out for live
appreciation in the evening. My mother and I made supper and
he was treated to it. I was glad to see him eat a lot of the
cheese chicken fry and the Hokkaido chowder which I made.

One more thing... He gave me the phone-like watch. ? ?

Thanks a million!

I'm lonely. 

2005年11月01日(火) 22時41分
Seven months have passed since I started to work there.
The longer I work, the more I get to know that such a job
is not worth doing. Precisely it is the job that anyone can
do. I want to do something that only I can do it.

I don't like colleagues. I found some skin magazines in
kotatsu the other day. What is worse, I found some erotic
video tapes the day after that. I think they use those
materials for their recess. Oh my! I was really disgusted.

Last Tuesday I was totally depressed... But I never want
to talk about that because it makes me so sad.


2005年10月31日(月) 21時10分
I went to Takayama with my sister and her husband yesterday to
wear kimono through time capsule. To tell the truth, this was the
second time to walk around Takayama in kimono. I chose white
kimono with lots of Chinese bellflowers. It was one of two kimonos
that I had worried whether I would wear or not before. Another one
was orange kimono. To my surprise, both of two were on the leaflet.

Three years ago, we happened to find an interesting barber's
shop. The barber is one of the most famous person in Takayama.
He is the collector of old goods. When he saw us watch his shop
through the window, he said, "Come in." He introduced himself
about how he was, how famous he was and when he would be on
TV. He told me that he liked my downcast eyes. Then he took
pictures of us. Three years have passed by. We wondered if he
remembered us. We visited him again. As we feared, he didn't
remember us at all.

At any rate, it was very fun. We could saw numbers of trees
aflame with red and yellow leaves. Thanks to my sister and
brother in law, we could drive along Seseragi Kaido at the best
season. I really appreciate it.

If I may be allowed to wish so much, I want to come together
with Kaeru next time.

Long time no see! 

2005年10月29日(土) 12時09分
I'm very sorry not to come and see you.
I deceded to write English diary again to improve my English
and have time to review myself.
It is good for me, isn't it?

Well, I'm really looking forward to seeing you here everday...???

See ya!

The first day 

2005年04月01日(金) 19時38分
Today is the first day I work for the new office. The other staffs are so
kind and the environment is so nice that I can work comfortably. But I
wish I had more stimuli while working. I want to meet lots of people
and talk with them. I want to be considered to be a woman of ability.
From next week I will try to find tiny joys while and after working.

The key 

2005年03月31日(木) 20時24分
The key was returned today. There were various daily discoveries truly
here. Unforeseen occurrences also happened around me for four years
and a half I taught English here.
I will be proud of this experience I taught here. I promise.

the Class 

2005年03月29日(火) 17時49分
Yesterday was the last day I taught English for them at the Class.
Some of them gave me some presents and letters. They made me
happy, on the other hand they made me miss them more. Especially
I can't forget Takkun's face. As soon as I saw him yesterday, I easily
knew he missed me. He is a very warm hearted boy. While I was absent
from work because my house was flooded, he gave me the letter with
his kindness. When I said that I would quit the job at the end of March
to his mother, he saw me shed tears and he almost shed tears, too. I
thought he gave me a letter again. But he didn't. When I said good-bye,
he nothing but stared my face with his upturned eyes in heartrending
sorrow. He might have wanted to say something or do something. But
he couldn't have done. But I could really feel his kindness. Thank you
so much! It was very happy meeting you! The word, "you" means not
only Takkun but also everybody at the Class. It was happy and fun to see
them grow up for 4 years and 5 months.
I will say again and again,
"Thanks a trillion!!",
"Keep it up!!",
and "Good luck!!"


2005年03月27日(日) 11時37分
Did it take 15 minutes until Hana fell asleep? She fell to sleep, making
nasal mucus say trailingly. A baby is uncanny. She does the best of her
ability for living. She is full of a future possibility. Was also my father
like this 64 years ago? I want him to see Hana and Yuri from bottom of
my heart.
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