Chanel embroidered master craftsmanship of the death of the leading fashion

March 03 [Sat], 2012, 11:33
Fran ois Lesage, who passed away a week later, Karl Lagerfeld launched in the Grand Palais in Paris Paris - Mumbai theme of the first 10 quarters Advanced Hand Workshop Series (above). Fran ois Lesage Lesage embroidery Square and CHANEL's Desrues costume jewelry Square, the masters of the seven hand-Square in the the Lemarie feathers Square, Massaro footwear Square, Michel hat Square, Goossens, gold and silver Square and Guillet floral Square cooperation in the last quarter of work, the latest acquisition of the CHANEL the Montex embroidery Square also added to the ranks of the production of the show. The models are wearing jewelry button jewelry, precious stones eyebrows decorative, bright pink, arabesque pattern leather flat boots filed out, with long sleeves gold thread embroidery tweed dresses, lace and tulle cascading decorative floral pattern dress, sequin embroidery round the shoulder jacket, embroidered with gold pearl plaiting piping coat, standing collar studded baroque pearl coat, creating a stunning Indian style, it is also able to once again insight into the handmade charm.

In fact, the meaning of the CHANEL released Advanced Hand Workshop Series has long since moved beyond clothing trends, but has a deeper meaning of humane care. High Hand Workshop Series Karl Lagerfeld launched specifically for these handmade Square between high-level customization and haute couture, so that more people aware of the role of the Hand Workshop, more and more brands of high fashion and hand Square co-operation has brought new vitality to the Hand Workshop also makes the Paris fashion over centuries of handicraft tradition from extinction.

The experience of this "hand" to save, not only in Europe, China, also has a reference.

Save the "little hand" CHANEL has been on the road

The latest addition to the manual Square the Montex embroidery Square (2011 CHANEL acquisition)

CHANEL earlier the Montex embroidery Square bag, become its eight professional workshop. The Montex embroidery Square customers have many big-name brand of Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Valentino, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Celine, etc. In addition to the outside of the Chanel, it provides embroidery services. Chanel global boutique president Bruno Pavlovsky, said, the Montex one of the characteristics of Lvneiweier crochet techniques, and CHANEL's Workshop can play a very good complementary role.

The formula DESRUES Button Square (classified as Chanel's 1985)

Function: to create unique buttons, Karl Lagerfeld High Hand Workshop Series produced jewelry for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other French haute couture brand.

Formula the LESAGE embroidery Square (2002 CHANEL's classified)

Function: CHANEL annual six series embroidery, embroidery for Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Jason Wu,, L'Wren Scott and other brand and designer clothes. Central figure: inherited his father Fran ois Lesage is the vanguard of an embroidery skills of innovation, new materials, integration of traditional skills and innovative spirit, and reshape the culture of embroidery in the high fashion industry in France. Died in December 2011.

Formula the MICHEL hat Square (1997 CHANEL's classified)

Function: the design and production of many brands of CHANEL, and millinery. The central figure: the creation of the House of Michel, hat Square, the Auguste, Michel, with the foresight to invite experts in women's hats to join, and re-enable the ancient woven grass machine woven straw hat, a groundbreaking.

The formula GUILLET floral Place classified as CHANEL's (2006)

Function: the production of flower accessories for private clients, high fashion brands, clothing designers and international interior designers. Central figure: as the third generation of the floral Square, Marcelle, Lubrano-Guillet, floral Square business Yunko Ashida, Balenciaga, Chloé, Sonia Rykiel, Emanuel Ungaro and CHANEL, and extended to the fashion industry for the floral decoration of the theater and theater production designer Make a flower accessories.

Formula MASSARO footwear Place classified as CHANEL's (2002)

Function: CHANEL produce male and female shoes, brand creative footwear such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, and accept private custom. The central figure: as the third-generation descendant of the footwear Square Raymond Massaro stressed, according to the wearer's personality, select the footwear material, colors and accessories, in order to design suitable footwear.

The formula LEMARIé camellias and feather headdress Square

(1996 under the CHANEL's)

Function: production of the classic CHANEL camellia floral and feather jewelry.

The third-generation descendant of the core characters: Workshop by André Lemarié to expand into a floral field, Karl Lagerfeld called camellia king ".

The formula GOOSSENS gold and silver Square classified as Chanel's (2005)

Function: gold, silver, copper metal casting jewelry and accessories, jewelry accessories for the CHANEL. The central figure: the founder of the gold and silver Square, Robert Goossens, of the imagination into the jewelry design, gold, silver, mosaics and other materials modulation of fine jewelry.
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