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2008年01月25日(金) 6時33分
I feel sick since 3 days..
My mother wanted me to stay at home today und tomorrow and... erh.. I'm not allowed to drive to Duesseldorf with Nao, Papu and Dawn at Saturday..
Maybe I'll drive to Bochum for the Girugamesh concert to wait with RIN in front of the hall... especially I want to see... a special person xD

Erh... My hairs get brown again o(T_T)o
I wonder what color I should take next..
Maybe... Purple again? Or red?
or... erh... woah don't know xD
Blue-green with orange dots xDDD

Aile - Brilliant Tears 

2008年01月22日(火) 6時07分
Saturday I'll see Nao-chan again
We'll drive with Sunny and Dawn to Duesseldorf to make Puris etc~
I'm so glad to see her again x3
[Even if it's the third week we meet xDD]

Aaaand I'll get my Panda-Kiguromi *_____*

Well... I could say: I feel good at this time

I should spend more time in working for school this year.. I think... xDD
I'm not very good in some subjects.. Hope I'll be better soon <3

Alice Nine - Ruri no ame 

2008年01月19日(土) 0時57分
In an hour I'll drive to meet with Rin <3 She'll be at my house till tomorrow and then we will drive to Cologne...
I look forward to KoeVit, really {ハート}
There will be many friends I hadn't seen since... uhm... Animagic? A long time anyway...
At first of course Nao-chan [okay, we'd met one week ago but... a long time! xDD]
I wish she wouldn't live so far away ;_____;

Hmm... and I'll see some people I really really really don't want to see --"
At least... 2 xDD

SuG - Toon Daily Lateshow 

2008年01月16日(水) 20時35分
I decided to erase all the older entries and start again

We hadn't school today, so I was able to sew a bit in the morning and now I'm waiting for Rin and Nao x33

I Love You!

And now I think I'll sew again, I hadn't finished the jacket yet
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