Ungrateful ~ 

July 13 [Fri], 2007, 15:34

walk by the street surrounded in whispers
breathe in the middle of the sketch of extinguished clouds
try to reach the star that belonged to us in the past
tell me, are perhaps ungrateful dreams?

Egoistic moments, unsuitable dreams, annoying caresses
Attempt of suicidal, a letter in your shoulder.
are not dreams you said and you turned around to me
Single seconds, single thousandths to see inside your eyes, your black soul
breathe in the middle of the sketch of your moans.
try to catch you when falling of the star that belonged to us
tell me, are perhaps egoistic instincts?

And run to reach of rain the sound of your word
stumble one and thousand times over the glance of the vagabond love
run for forbid you the longed freedom of my hugs
fall and bleed on the rain that carry your words

touch lightly the surface of the street surrounded in whispers
now I don't want to know the sketch the matutinal breathing
The star little by little lets shine and I only follow in the past
tell me, is perhaps single an ungrateful dream?
An egoistic feeling
are you a bad dream?
Ungrateful dream ~

By Ryu.kun

Ryu.kun's creatures 

July 12 [Thu], 2007, 14:26
[ Ryu.kun all rights reserved (c) July 12, 2007. Santiago of Chile. ]

shady nights, scary beats, human instincts?
shady nights, devastating beats, normal mutation?
shady nights, anorexy results.
shady nights, it is finish of the natural thing?

only shady nights will stay with you ~

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:龍

名前: 龍
年齢: 19
血液型: B
十二宮: ライオン
好みの色: 白い
好みの食糧: ヌードル
好みの音楽グループ: プラスチック木
専門職: カメラマン
趣味: 画く, 書く, 飲み物のコーヒー

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