2006年09月10日(日) 3時17分
6years almost.
Throughout these 6years, how many times I thought about him?
There are so many times I wish the hell to go back to the time that I really smiled.
I have had cried thougsand of times.
I thought about him over and over.
I tried to find out the answer of something that actually doesnt have an answer.
I put my situation onto the songs that sings about him and my situation.
Those songs were always about a broken heart.
But at least those songs reliefed me.

I have hurted enough.

Now, I am moving on.
I am ready to love someone else.
Now I know that I can give my all love and be honest to him.
I actually have someone on my mind.
his game starts tomorrow.
I learned so many things from him.
He doesnt know it though. Just looked at him all the time and fought with my
feelings taught me enough.
Taught me that I have be honest to someone who u truly love.
He taught me that he loved me so much. He taught me his love was too sweet
that I had so hard time to let him go.
I know he will not be mine anymore.
I know he loves me someone else and his love for me is gone.
And that is okay. That is the answer.
But, I will always think about him, worried about him, care about him
and, Love him.
I guess I had been loving him such a long time.
I just didnt wanna accept that feeling.
I wanted to love me as much as I did and that feeling was stronger than
my feeling to him...which is love.

He is jerk, worthless to love, he always betray my feeling.
But hey, Im used to it now.
He can hurt me as much as he wants. He can even talk shit about me.
But he will never ever be gone from my heart.
i mean...
I love him no matter what.

Doesnt mean that I still want him though. I am so ready to love Koto.
But that is the fact that nobody can change.
Nobody can judge me from that fact.
I know now, that my feeling for him was the strongest than anybody.
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