long time... 

2004年11月09日(火) 16時50分
I did't write on long time...
hmmmm.....yesterday I went to the Dentist.All of people say hate dentist! but I don't think so.Becouse if I go to dentist my teeth is most butifful on my life!!and bad tooth cann't be better.
so The sick become unnecessary to go to a hospital.but the bad tooth cann't.
Let's go to the dentist onece a year!!

other one....I became to a member of Niigata Wind Ensemble and next month they'll have a regular concert.now I practice flute very hard on Wed,Sat and Mon.All of musc notes are soo diffcult.

Today's Lesson 

2004年10月31日(日) 20時17分
I took 4 Lessons.
First I leaned "might".
Second I leaned "Vocablaly"and "must be".
3rd I leaned "Have you been V".
4th I leand "Do you mind Ving...".
Last year I took a lot of lessons,but recentry I don't.
so today I was very tired and sleepy.
Why did I take 4 lessons?Becouse 2days ago More Lesson ponts were bought by boyfrind and he said "I must be became to Level 3"It's too diffcult for me.
But I want to promiss that.


2004年10月30日(土) 13時04分
Nice to meet you! My name is Ryo.I live in Niigata city.
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