Fixed an issue with the display of Premium Points.

January 21 [Thu], 2016, 10:19
Fixed an issue with the display of Premium Points.
Fixed an issue with the display of assigned skill points in the Martial Tome.
Added the ability to access the Hongmoon Store from the Character Lobby.
Updated Menu Bar & Escape Menu UI. Press Escape or click the Blade & Soul icon to access them.
Gave the Marketplace and Character Info UI a visual overhaul.
Added Clock UI to track world events and reset timers.
Fixed display of Premium Membership benefits.
Added an additional bar for non-combat buffs such as the Premium Membership buff.
A pop-up warning has been added when you equip a PvP-enabled costume.
You can now use the F key to accept or finish quests.
Fixed an issue with overlapping text in the Duel UI.
Fixed an issue with displaying Hongmoon levels in the Boss UI.
Fixed an issue with overlapping text in the Crafting UI.
Added recommended level information to some <リンク:
>Buy Blade And Soul Gold dungeon tooltips.

Updated Options menu UI to better accommodate English, French, and German text.
Added an option to offset Camera Position.
Increased Max Camera Distance.
Added options for Clock and clock notifications.
Added an option to automatically detect and set graphics settings.
Fixed display and functionality of mapping buttons in Gamepad Options.
Adjusted Key Mapping options for users with AZERTY keyboards.

Blade & Soul is launching in PvP Preseason 0. No Zen Beans will be rewarded during this period. We’ll have more information on future preseasons and seasons in the near future. Keep an eye on
Changed the minimum level to participate in 1v1 duel from level 4 to level 15.
Fixed an issue where players would get disconnected in the Arena Lobby.
Temporarily removed Zen Bean vendors.
The 3v3 arena quest is now available starting at level 43.

Changed the recipe for crafting Blackwyrm Roar Resistance Charm.
Updated some crafting items and recipes for Forgekeepers.
Fixed a bug where Hongmoon Coins were not crafting successfully in rare occasions.
The Wardrobe and Hongmoon Store have been updated with new costumes and accessories.
You can now purchase Character Alteration Vouchers, Name Change Vouchers, and additional Character Slots from the Hongmoon Store.

Fixed and updated a large amount of text, voiceover, and cutscene localization in English, German, and French.

Added support for staged download client.
Fixed an issue with Direct3D and NVIDIA GPUs.
Fixed an issue with the mouse cursor leaving the window<リンク:
> Blade & Soul Gold in Fullscreen mode.
Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes fail to start.
Fixed an issue with characters limits in mail.
Fixed several client crashes.
Fixed an issue where players would get disconnected in Cross Server Dungeon.
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