Well, youve lost several players due to crashing issues

January 20 [Wed], 2016, 16:24
MY friends and I have been looking forward to playing this game. However, the crashing issues all around have been atrocious (yes we have tried everything). We are crashing right after the the client loads up and it asks us for our authentication password. We click cancel, and moments later CRASH... Nothing has been fixing the problem. We have similar PCs and this issue is ridiculous. For the time being we are not playing this game..

Also, submit your tickets if you haven't already. I watched my roommate submit a ticket last night about crashing (He's using windows 10 btw) and within an hour he was responded too and they adjusted some settings including resolution and compatibility settings that has since stopped his crashes.

The support is pretty damn swift, make sure you Buy Blade And Soul Gold submit dem tickets.

So, as with many I'm stuck waiting for hours in log in que lol. Even though I had head start, my two characters are not far in level, only 12 and 17 right now. Mainly because I've been enjoying the game, taking my time and learning/reading guides and tutorials as I go. Also spent forever in the creation tool lol.

Anyway, I am not so far progressed as to mind restarting my characters. Does anyone know which servers currently have the lowest populations and que times? Either NA or EU, doesn't matter to me much really at the moment. Just want to actually play Blade & Soul Gold the game.

Meanwhile, I'm reading a good book and eating leftover Christmas candy while waiting to get in just to delete my chars and start over hopefully in a small server
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