Complete Blackram Narrows Dungeon 10 Times for 400 HP Boost

January 20 [Wed], 2016, 11:21
The Blackram Narrows 6-man dungeon at the end of Act I will be your first major dungeon that features multiple bosses over three parts. You can choose to skip this dungeon altogether if you want, but it's in your best interest to complete this dungeon once it's available and when you're around Level 20. Most significantly, if you complete the Blackram Narrows dungeon 10 times, you'll gain access to the 400 HP bonus attribute which you can apply in the Achievements window (shortcut 'U' key) under Bonus Attributes. That's a huge boon that you can't ignore.

As you continue to raid the dungeon, you'll also gain many chances to earn all eight pieces for the fantastic Blight Soul Shield. This is a major upgrade as each purple piece gives 90-110 HP each (piece six will give a whopping 340 HP!) instead of the measly 10 HP of most soul shield pieces. It may be difficult to get all of the pieces through the boss treasure chest and the loot auction, but try to grab all eight pieces if you can. It will serve you well through almost the entire second act of the story.
Get All 8 Pieces of a Soul Shield

Speaking of the Soul Shield (which you may be wondering what the hell it is), it effectively replaces armor in most other games by giving you an HP boost as well as other minor bonuses in accuracy, evasion, and the like. You'll want to gather all eight pieces of a Soul Shield not just for the HP boost but to gain the set bonus for having 3, 5, and 8 pieces of a set. Some of the rarer Soul Shield pieces cannot be traded so you'll just to Cheap BNS Gold mpray to the luck gods to collect an entire set.

Apart from the Blight Soul Shield that I mentioned earlier from the Blackram Narrows dungeon, your first taste at a field boss that requires a team of players is the giant Jiangshi near the Foshi Pyres in Everdusk. Defeating the boss will earn you essences that you can spend at the two Dragon Union wheels in the Foshi Pyres area. If you're lucky, you'll just score all eight pieces of the Stalker Soul Shield in one spin but it doesn't take long to grab them all with a few spins.

Join 2 Crafting and 2 Gathering Guilds at Jadestone Village

Jadestone Village not only serves as the jumping point for learning how dungeons work, but is the hotspot for joining various crafting and gathering guilds. Many of them are what you would expect: stonecrafting, woodcutting, jewelry, healing, etc. Many guilds interact with one another, producing materials for another guild, and you'll find out all of this information by talking to the guild reps spread throughout the village.

In my playthrough, for example, I found copper ore for the <リンク:>Buy BNS Gold Prospector's Union which I can then refine into repair tools and basic weapons through The Forgekeepers. Just make sure you find the spots on the map that your gathering guilds need to create raw materials, since it costs a lot to windstride (or teleport) to another area that's far away. You can also re-order anything you've requested just by using the pop-up that appears in the lower right-hand corner once an order is finished. Very handy, yes?
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